Moon Knight producers explain the mid-credits scene

Moon Knight mid-credits scene
Moon Knight mid-credits scene

Moon Knight mid-credits scene explained

Moon Knight mid-credits scene gives a new spin to the entire show. Marvel’s latest web series closed on Wednesday. Marvel’s first season’s sixth and final episode bought a perfect ending connecting all the right dots and provided the start to the season 2 also. And it was the brief mid-credits scene that showed after the conclusion of the last episode. Mid-credit scenes are not a new feature. Marvel Cinematic Universe and many other movie production houses have used it to introduce their future projects and connects to other films.

Mid-Credit Teaser for Moon Knight Season 1

Mid-credit scenes are part of all Hollywood projects

Mid-credit scenes always form a part of the Hollywood movies. Also they played an integral role in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mid-credit scene acts as a continuation to the future projects and next films. Mid-credits scenes are a part of every Marvel movie. Moon Knight is also the same.

Earlier Episodes

Harrow shot Marc/Steven and forces him to enter afterlife where they meet the goddess Tawaret. In the finale, both become alive as the avatar of Khonshu or the Moon Knight. the two manage to return to life as Khonshu’s avatar as the Moon Knight. With the help of Marc’s wife Layla , they stopped Ammit and Harrow. Harrow is a follower of Ammit, a mythical Egyptian figure that has also been reworked quite a bit for Moon Knight.

Show Telecast on various channels

Moon Knight premiered on Disney plus Hotstar in India on March 30 . The season finale aired on May 4. There are rumors that a season 2 is being developed as Marvel changed the description of the finale to ‘season finale’ from ‘series finale’.

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