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UP10TION Narrate The Emotional Story Of Love And Hurt In ‘Novella’


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Everyone has a vulnerable side and UP10TION are no exception. The Korean Boy Band have released their 10th mini album – Novella which is all about love, hurt and regrets – emotions that touch every heart deeply. The album is highly appreciated by the fans who are seeing the album as a romance novel and not just a collection of a few romantic songs.

The emotional video has already earned a huge fan base

The album consists of six tracks – each has an appeal of its own. All the songs reflect the creative and emotional energies of the boy band members. Take a look at the short description of each song –

Track 1 “Give love”

“Give love” is a good piece that sets the tone for the whole album. It is embedded with deep house sounds, bassline and intoxicating beats. It is indeed a power-packed performance by the band members.

Track 2 “Crazy about you”

It is a title track of ‘ Novella’ with lyrics like, ‘How was I oblivious to your heart’, I was too young’. The overall song of the lyrics are sad. It makes for a soothing and good listening experience. 

Track 3 “Pandora”

It is a hip-hop-focused track. The fast-paced song gives off a dark good vibe. Member vocals are further highlighted in the songs that makes it absolutely soulful.

Track 4 “Incredible”

‘Incredible’ track tells about falling in love. It has disco sound. The songs consist of different styles of blending vocals and raps that make the audience dance on the track.

Track 5 “Fall’

‘Fall’ is a pop track that shows the emotion of missing someone badly. It is best described as an emotional and melodic song with soothing vocals that perfectly compliment the track’s beauty.

Track 6 “Sad Ending ‘

‘Sad Ending’ is exactly the same as the title. It talks about hoping to work things out. Lyrics like ‘I Hope You Feel the Same’, ‘Oh Baby, I want you ‘,’Whisper to me’, ‘let’ s go back to that time’. The rhythmic and resounding rap combined with smooth vocals make it an incredible experience.

The mini album follows the release of their 2nd full album CONNECTION last year.

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