Weekend Recommendation : The Liar And His Lover – Story Of A Heartbroken Genius Music Composer

The Liar And His Lover movie review
The Liar And His Lover movie review

The Liar And His Lover is a South Korean drama. It is highly recommended if you want to spend your weekend watching something utterly romantic in this month of love. The story revolves around the life of a music prodigy Kang Han Gyeol (Lee Hyun Woo) who has achieved everything that he ever wanted in the world of music. But unable to cope up with the pressure of being a celebrity, he chooses the step back and leave everything – a promising career, adulation, fame and most importantly his passion for music.

A heartwarming romantic story

He bid adieu to the spotlight and opts for a simpler life under a hidden identity. Life had other plans for him as voice of a talented high school student draws him draws him back. Young and unassuming, Yoon So Rim (Joy) is blessed with an incredible voice. Enchanted by this voice, Han Gyeol finds himself coming back to So Rim, despite his best efforts to stay from her and the world of music.

What starts out as an innocent acquaintance eventually turns to pure love. Their story is far from a normal love story of a couple who share a same passion. Watch this drama to see a heart-warming story of innocent love. Will the two lovers be able to overcome the trials?

Watch this story of music, love, and youthful innocence for a perfect weekend experience.

The lead actors and support cast have given a memorable performance. The onscreen bond between the lead actors is noticeable. A must watch drama over the weekend with coffee and snacks.