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Game Of Thrones Fame Maisie Williams wants to act in a Bollywood Movie


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Maisie Williams desires Bollywood movie if it has singing and Dancing

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Game of Thrones star Williams desires a Bollywood movie which involves a lot of singing and dancing. The star has long admitted her love for Indian Food and desires a Bollywood movie role. Actress’s role as Arya Stark in the HBO’s Game of Thrones. Williams was in a conversation with Thomas Brodie Sangster to discuss all things regarding her movie Pistols. Expressing her longing Maisie Williams desires a Bollywood role if their is good script and dancing.

Maisie Williams Desires Bollywood
Maisie Williams Desires Bollywood

Williams loves Indian Food, says an Indian resident introduced her

Williams recalled how an Indian who used to live in the same building just one floor below her would send her Indian food on her way back for the entire period of six to eight months. She remembered the time when she used to attend the Dancing classes thus required instant source of energy. She remembered having the best of Indian food from there. His fellow co-star of the Game of thrones also recalled his trip to India where he visited Rajasthan, Goa and Bombay . Actor admitted to have spent some time in Goa and admitted that it was a great experience.

Maisie Williams desires Bollywood movie that has dancing

When someone asked the actress if she would like to act in a Bollywood movie, she replied in affirmative. Actress said she would love to do a Bollywood movie provided it has a good script and lots of dancing. Williams and Sangster feature in Danny Boyle latest web series ‘Pistol’. The web series is based on British Punk Rock Band of 1975. Series reveals the rocky journey of the formation of the band and subsequently transformed the music industry.

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