Smita Bansal Speaks About Her Real And Reel Roohaniyat

Smita Bansal Role in Roohaniyat
Smita Bansal Role in Roohaniyat and shares her secret to a happy married-work life.

Smita Bansal is has met her soulmate in Roohaniyat, an MX player show. Getting a chance to work with your loved ones is rarely a possibility. While it may sound like a dream come true for some people, it can be quite difficult for some. On working with her husband, Ankush Mohla, after 20 years as the director of MX Serial Roohaniyat, Smita Bansal shares her secret to a happy married-work life.


Smita Bansal Feelings

The actress said, “I think I am working with Ankush after almost 20 years in an actor-director capacity. He’s a very friendly director, not just with me but with everyone on set. We consciously made a decision to not work together because we don’t like to bring work home and vice versa, but, Roohaniyat happened and I could not say no. I am happy that he thought I could essay the role of Priya.

He’s a taskmaster on the set whereas I like to call the shots at home. So much so that my daughter laughed saying mum always directs dad at home but now the tables have turned, now he is going to be telling her what to do. His being there on set obviously added an extra layer of comfort, but both of us are quite professional. We like to keep our work and personal lives separate. None of us takes our work life back home, which is why I think we work together perfectly.”

Smita Bansala Role in Roohaniyat

Smita plays the role of Priya, a doting mother of two young and beautiful girls alongside Aman Verma who essays the character of Ashok, her husband. Once an arranged married turned into full-blown romance, now takes a curveball of an extramarital affair. Roohaniyat takes us on a journey to explore Priya and Ashok’s married life and the complexities that follow. Will they forgive each other for the sake of their children or will they let destiny run its own course?

Directed by Ankush Mohla and Glen Barretto, Roohaniyat will also feature Arjun Bijlani and Kanika Mann in pivotal roles.