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What Do Smart Casual Interview Clothes Comprise Of?


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Thinking of Interview always makes one think of formal attire. Most of us imagine an interview prospect decked up in a formal dress code. So, what is this casual dress?

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Although most of the corporates expect the candidates to dress in a formal attire. Formal attire represents a well-groomed outlook and includes a crisp ironed light coloured shirt, Necktie, Pants and a Blazer. It is a common norm in case the candidate is interviewing for a managerial role. Also, a formal attire is a must in an interview for the position of doctor and a civil servant. Additionally, the Asians and Europeans are more formally dressed than the Americans. Choice of a casual dress in interview is dependent on the job. On one hand a formal dressing is the basic norm, there are jobs which require a casual dressing sense. For retail, start-ups, Technology and Hospitality the ambience is more relaxed. Thus, dressing formally can make you a misfit for the job. However, before dressing up for the interview, it is essential to know the dress code. Also, Men’s and Women’s attire vary. What do Smart Casual Interview Clothes Comprise of? Let’s explore in this article.

Formal and Casual Dress Code

Ways of wearing Smart casual Interview Clothes

While wearing the casual dress code one still needs to look neat and professional. For instance, the clothes should be ironed properly, shirt buttoned. Here are the various preferred outfits for men and women. High Heels, Tight Clothes and Revealing Necklines are definitely a big No-No. All these mentioned dresses merely reflect your intention of revealing the sexiness of your outfits than your skills. Although the casual dress code for males is the same in various countries, it differs in case of women in India. Women can dress in a Top and pair it with Pants or Skirts, Also, woman can wear neat traditional Salwar Suit with Dupatta. Smart Casual Interview clothes in men or women comprise of Cotton Pants and Shirts in Men and Pants and Top in Women.

Men’s Smart Casual Interview Clothes

  1. Avoid Blazer in an informal interview.
  2. Jacket and Pants.
  3. Collared Light Coloured Shirt.
  4. Long-Sleeved Shirt.
  5. Neatly stitched Pants.
  6. For More casual looks, you can wear Khakis or Chinos.
  7. Leather Belt and Smart Shoes. However, Sandals and Sneakers should be avoided.
  8. Rugged Jeans and Baggies should be avoided.

Women’s Smart Casual Interview Clothes

  1. In India a neat traditional outfit like Salwar Suit.
  2. Blazer or jacket with a nicely stitched pair of pants is a good option.
  3. Top and a Knee length Skirt.
  4. Skirt or a Pant Suit.
  5. Prefer Cotton, silks and blends.
  6. Avoid shimmery-type fabrics.
  7. Wear comfortable shoes and avoid high heels and big chunky shoes are inappropriate.

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