Shocking revelations in a LinkedIn job survey! Are you sure of continuing your job in 2022?

Shocking revelations in a LinkedIn job survey 2022
Shocking revelations in a LinkedIn job survey 2022

LinkedIn Survey says that job consistency is a phenomenon that no longer attracts young workers in India. They are also looking for jobs that do not force them to work in a traditional 9am-5pm setup. It is interesting to note that a large number of workers are prioritising a flexible working arrangement. A trend that has gained momentum in a post pandemic world.

LinkedIn job survey

LinkedIn Survey – Key Findings

Some of the finding of the survey conducted by LinkedIn & UK-based market researcher Censuswide are really shocking. It says that –

  1. Sample size of the survey is 1,111 professionals
  2. About 82% workers want to quit current job
  3. Poor work-life balance & inadequate pay top 2 reasons behind quitting the current job
  4. Freshers with up to 1 year of work experience (94%) and Gen Z professionals (87%) leading the trend  
  5. 7 out of 10 doubt their own mettle
  6. 86% are confident about the strength of their professional networks in exploring new job opportunities.
  7. 33% of professionals admit that the pandemic has negatively impacted their confidence level
  8. Top three stress factors – lack of face-to-face support from supervisors and peers (40%), having to take on new responsibilities (34%), and having to use more technology (31%)
  9. Working women (37%) are 1.3 times more likely to quit their current job due to poor work-life balance
Working women in LinkedIn

The Silver Lining

This LinkedIn survey also says that professionals in India are confident about their job roles, careers, and overall job availability getting better in 2022.

IT, healthcare, and business development roles dominate the job opportunity list. Demand will also grow for highly skilled IT workers (Site Reliability Engineer, Data Science Specialist, Machine Learning Engineer) and business development talent (Affiliate Marketing Specialist, Business Development Representative, Strategy Associate).