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Reverse Your Diabetes: 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips


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Diabetes is an incurable and lifelong disease. Though it is incurable, you can manage diabetes to live a healthy life. Diagnosis at the right stage helps in easy diabetes management. It will help the diabetes patients immediately start with diabetes medications to manage their blood sugar levels. They should also bring some lifestyle modifications to control blood sugar levels. Various lifestyle habits also help reverse diabetes permanently. Here are 10 Healthy Habits to reverse your Diabetes.

Lifestyle and Habits to reverse diabetes

Maintain a healthy eating habit

Diet is at the heart of any diabetes plan. Your diet has a direct impact on your blood sugar levels. You need to avoid high carbohydrates and sugar-rich food as they can increase your blood sugar levels. Include more protein, fiber, and low-carbohydrate-rich foods in your meals to reverse diabetes.

Know your food

When you have diabetes, you have to manage your blood sugar levels and keep a healthy weight. You can achieve both of these through a balanced diabetic diet. Therefore, you need to know about your food to eat right. Foods with a high glycemic index can raise blood sugar levels. Diabetes patients should avoid them.

Limit alcohol

Drinking alcoholic beverages is not healthy for diabetes patients. These contain a high amount of calories and hence can increase blood sugar levels.

Say no to high-crabs

Make sure whatever you are eating should have a low amount of carbohydrates. When you consume carbohydrates, your body converts them into glucose. Consuming more carbohydrates means more glucose in your blood. Therefore, avoid consuming high carbohydrates foods like processed and refined food items.

Include more vegetables

Diabetes meal plans have two important factors. Rather than carbohydrates, such meal plans contain whole grain foods and more vegetables. Whole grain items and vegetables are of more nutritional value. They have less sugar, which prevents the rapid rise in blood sugar levels.

Use spices

Many spices like cinnamon and cumin add flavors to your food. In addition to that, they help balance the blood sugar levels in your body. Therefore, increasing your intake of such spices helps lower blood sugar levels and improves your health.

Exercise regularly

Undoubtedly, exercise is the best way to stay healthy and fit. Regular exercise helps treat various health issues, including diabetes. People with diabetes and prediabetes should exercise regularly to maintain their blood sugar levels. When you exercise, the cells of your body become more insulin sensitive. Thus, they pull more glucose out of the blood and lower blood sugar levels.

Exercises without equipment

It is not mandatory to have fancy equipment to exercise. You can walk, run, or swim. You can also do yoga, aerobic exercises, Zumba, or cycling. Exercises without equipment are low-impact exercises. They do not cause much strain to the muscles but promote better blood flow in different body parts.

Lose your weight

Diabetes reversal is directly related to weight loss. Fat in the liver and pancreas supports the development of diabetes type-2. When you lose this fat, your body balances the blood sugar levels and reverses diabetes. Diet control and exercise both help in weight loss. It would help if you were consistent with your weight loss diet and workout routine to witness your weight loss.

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