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Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Ad Had the World Drooling For More


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As we celebrate World Chocolate Day, how can we forget the World Famous Chocolatier Cadbury’s famous 1993 ad that created the magic

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Cadbury’s Dairy Milk has been a dream name in everyone’s list. Not only it tingles your sweet taste buds, but can set the mood for any romantic evening. Besides it everlasting taste, the memory of its Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Ad of 90’s still is as fresh. Looking at the ad one is forced to go down the memory lane. Be it Valentine or any Wedding Party, Chocolate’s presence heightens the thrill even more. So much so, that Cadbury’s has become synonymous for Chocolate’s Quality. No wonder the Chocolate is preferred worldwide for its unique taste. Its silk version tempts anyone to lick your fingers again and again. Although there are other popular Chocolate versions such as Fruit and Nut, Oreos, Almonds, and recently Red Velvet, but none reached the popularity as Cadbury’s Dairy Milk did.

Cadbury's Dairy Milk ad
Cadbury’s Dairy Milk ad

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Ad was a storehouse of drama, Passion and Suspense in One

One of the ever the many memories of the chocolate that has stayed with me is Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Ad of the early 1990’s. Cadbury’s 1993 ad had elements of Passion, Suspense, Thrill and Beauty to catch the eyes of the viewer. The Ad reflected a girl’s emotions whose boyfriend is batting at 99. Needing just one run to hit a century, he hits the ball high. As the heart beats rise, nothing beats the emotions reflected on the girls face. Well enough said! Watch the 1993 Ad and relive the emotions.

Nothing beats this Ad till date

Riding on the 1993 success, Cadbury launched the same ad with a twist in 2021.

Cadbury’s 90s classic ‘cricket’ ad has been remade. The 2021 version of the beloved ad, that resonated with millions of Indian cricket fans, has a twist in the right direction. 

While the original ad, which first aired in 1993, showed a girl dancing her heart out on a cricket field to celebrate her boyfriend’s century, 28 years later, the remake features a girl hitting a century and a man cheering for her. 

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Ad 2021 is a modern twist to old

Capitalizing on the success of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Ad, the makers launched another with a twist in 2021. The 1993 ad showed a girl dancing to celebrate her boyfriend’s victory. On the other hand , the 2021 ad showed the gender reversal roles. Ogilvy conceptualized the Cadbury 2021 ad as a tribute to women’s achievement and gender role reversal. The 2021 ad had a description that celebrated the success of the women that served as role models. Ad also carried a hashtag Good Luck Girls who just had hit out of the park.

Popular 2021 Cadbury’s Ad with #GoodLuckGirls

The ad, conceptualized by ad agency Ogilvy in 2021, has left netizens applauding the brand for making a comeback with a great message that encourages and applauds women. Check out some of the reactions. Cadbury’s executed the ads very well and considering the message it conveyed made it stand out. An ode to women’s trailblazers , it acknowledged the achievement of every women. It strongly highlighted Cadbury’s as a brand which acknowledges Gender Inclusivity in the current changing times. Here is one of the amazing catches that Harleen Deol took, which proves they are no less than their malle counterparts.

Harleen Deol’s Phenomenal Catch

Whether it is Indian Women’s Cricket Team or players like Saina Nehwal, P V Sindhu, Sania Mirza, Mithali Raj and Julian there are so many. It won’t be long before the world gets to witness their magic.

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