Girl Touches Jawan’s Feet, Drives Netizens Emotional

Girl touches Jawan's Feet
Girl touches Jawan's Feet

Netizens got a glimpse of Values or ‘ Indian Sanskars’ as a little girl touches the feet of a Jawan at a Metro Station. The scene sent a wave of emotions as the video got viral on the net.

Anywhere in the world you travel, there is one profession which deserves the maximum respect and that is ‘SERVICEMEN’. And why shouldn’t they? They are always ahead of taking charge whether it comes to defending a country’s honour or protecting people from any causalities. Thus the honour and respect they receive is utmost. But the irony is we as citizens take their life for granted and ignore the hardships involved in the task. However the lessons of Indian Values and Sanskars came to the upfront as Netizens saw a video of a little girl going viral online. As the video rolled the Girl touches the Jawan’s Feet out of respect and then touches her forehead. The incident happened when some security personnel were standing at the metro station. Hardly the video went online, it bought a rollercoaster of emotions with the netizens. Not only public, it touched even some of the Union Ministers as well.

Video Goes Viral as Little Girl touches Jawan’s Feet, Leaders heap praises

Although the importance of instilling values and Sanskars is strongly stressed upon, it has taken a backseat in changing times. But it is said that first teacher of the child is a mother. And as he grows up, parents nurture his character before he ventures into the outside world. In a viral video that is making tears roll in pride, see four security personnel standing on the platform. As a little girl approaches them, one of the security personnel bends out of affection to chat with the girl. Soon after the girl touches Jawan’s feet out of respect. This action goes up and beyond in proving the importance of a great upbring. The video also struck a chord with Union Minister Mrs Smriti Irani. Not only did they appreciated the girl’s gesture, but also applauded the parents of the girl for raising her right with Indian Values and Traditions.

Indian Values and Traditions

Lok Sabha MP P C Mohan also passed on his gratitude to the family members for raising their daughter with such high values. He also stressed upon raising patriotic young minds is the duty of every parent.

Lok Sabha MP PC Mohan heaped praises on the girl too

Little Girl Touches Jawan’s feet is a reflection of great upbringing

As the video continues, the girl goes back to her family but stops to salute them. The security personnel reciprocate by saluting the child. In times where materialistic things have overpowered the holistic , this video can go a long way in igniting the fire. And once again a little child has taught us what many books wouldn’t.

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