10 Chinese Food Eating Tips To Keep Your Tummy Full And Calories Count Down

Chinese Food Eating Tips
Chinese Food Eating Tips

Who doesn’t love Chinese food, or should we say India made Chinese food?

We all love those noodles, dumplings, fired rice and our own Chilli Paneer or Chilli Chicken specially in the winters and rainy season. But these yummy foods also have a lot of health hazards that need to be taken care to ensure that health is not compromised and taste buds remain satisfied.

Here are some tips that will keep your belly full and calorie count down.

#1 Begin your Chinese food journey with a soup

It is recommended to opt for a broth-based soup instead of a creamy one. This will help keep your food intake in check.

#2 Say yes to steamed food

Steamed dumplings, fishes and other such food items contain fewer calories and help you lose weight. Go for steamed food instead of deep fried ones and you will remain some distance away from health related complications.

Chinese steamed food

#3 Avoid thick sauce

Thick sauces are full of hazardous chemicals. Even if you are going for dishes that are full of sauces, please ensure that they are served in the side. This will help you limit the amount of sauce you consume.

#4 Prefer brown rice

Choose brown rice over white rice or noodles. Steamed or boiled rice are healthier than fried rice since they contain more fibre than white rice.

#5 Eat lots of vegetables

Add lots of vegetables to your meal to ensure that you are eating a lot of healthy food. Salads and boiled or steamed rice with lots of vegetables is a good option. Salads have negative calories that help you lose weight.

#6 Say no to deep fried dishes

Avoid anything and everything which is deep fried – egg rolls, fried rice, fried wanton, crispy noodles. This will help you stay away from extra calories and fat. Even if you are forced to consume some, keep the amount to ensure less intake of calories, fat and sodium.

#7 Use Chopsticks

It’s a smart way to ensure that you are prevented from gulping down extra sauce as it will remain at the bottom of the dish when eating.

#8 Carbonated drinks are an absolute no

It is no secret that regular sodas and the so-called energy drinks are huge sources of empty calories Always go for water or lime juice and do not succumb to the temtation.

#9 Ask questions

Always enquire about the method of preparation of the dish you are planning to order. Know the truth about MSG or ajinomoto here.

#10 Do not make it a habit  

Most importantly – eat Chinese food only occasionally!

Do not sacrificing your health when you are aware of the adverse effects of bad food habits.