Beat anxiety with journaling, it is as rewarding as diary writing

Beat anxiety with journaling
Beat anxiety with journaling

Life is a journey and we all go through various ups and downs in the course of life. There are successes but there are failures and disappointments as well. So, what is the recipe to ensure that we keep anxiety at bay and continue learning our lessons from life and stay happy?

The idea is – journaling.

Journaling is a life skill that keeps to grounded and connected with the realities or a larger ecosystem.

Here are some of the advantages of journaling –

1. Reduces anxiety level

Journaling about your feelings of thoughts and emotions on paper can reduce your anxiety level. A person can spend 5 to 10 minutes writing down whatever is on their mind. Journaling provides greater clarity of thoughts and helps to identify the possible outcome that could occur.

2. Gives a fresh perspective

While journaling about your inner feeling of thoughts gives you satisfaction and happiness. Try this out, write bad emotions that disturb your mind in the list of the negative thoughts, and then write a list of positive emotions. Positive emotions will relish good experiences and happiness. You will be able to get a solution to your problem. It also strengthens your relationship with others.

3. Breaks the vicious cycle of negative thoughts

Writing while experiencing anxiety can help you to examine the problem you are facing. Noting down the thought or emotions that reoccur can give you the indication that you are in a loop of anxious thoughts that leads to anxiety. It gives you the solution to directly address your wrongful beliefs or beliefs that disturb your thought of feelings.

4. Calm down nerves

Journaling acts as medication, picking up the pen in your hand, writing down the things that make you happy such as playing with pets, cooking, your favourite outing trip, etc. all the good experiences that you have faced in your life. It will also stop the anxious thoughts and give you a more positive and functional state of mind.

How to start journaling?

1. Start with the paper first

Writing down with a pen on paper helps you to express the feeling of thoughts or emotions. Write whatever makes you comfortable.

2. Make it a habit

Make a habit of journaling before going to sleep. It will keep you relaxed and stress-free.

3. Start with positive things

List out the positive things like your gardening experience, cooking experience, or playing with kids.

4. Try to be creative

Try a different style of journaling like making poetry, writing songs, etc.