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Make your children follow these Solo Teen Travel Rules


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As the kids enter their teen years , a desire to be independent seeps in. More so, the need to explore various places too crops up. While a solo trip could be exciting for teens , but not so for parents . Here are 5 Solo Teen Travel Rules.

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Teenage times can be extremely overwhelming for the children., Body undergoes changes and there are raging hormones during puberty. And there arises a sense of freedom to have one’s own space and say in things concerning them. As it is, the teen times is quite tough, it is equally scary for the parents also. Living in fear all the times and worrying of their children safety is on the top of the parents minds. One of the challenging task is to let the kids travel alone. Needless to say, it can actually make give any parent many sleepless nights. I remember one of my friends worrying so much when his son was going on his first trekking. He kept on calling the places they were about to stay, ensuring that the trip was comfortable and hassle-free. Here are 5 Solo Teen Travel Rules that parents can ask their children to follow .

Ensuring Your Teen Child abide by the Solo Teen Travel Rules

Letting your child to explore an unknown territory can be a scary equation for sure. It could be more scary when you haven’t undertaken a solo journey. The fear increases if it is an international travel or an hiking experience. It can make even the most easy-going parent go crazy. On the other side, it is equally important to let your teen kid be and respect his space. It is equally important not to spoil your kids adventure. Here are 5 Solo Teen Travel Rules that you can ask your teen to follow. Not to forget teenage years are more rebellious and thus ensure to take them into confidence and talk with love. Also, your job as a parent is to ensure their security and to let them soar.

5 Solo Teen Travel Rules

There is no doubt that teen age is not a mature one and a parent should never forget that. Besides giving them freedom, it is time to teach them principles and discipline. Whether they are home or they are planning an excursion trip , it is time to set certain rules. Teen Travel Rules are even necessary to ensure the safety is maintained all the times. Here are 5 Solo Teen Travel rules that you can counsel your children before they embark on a solo travel.

  1. Communication: Encourage your children to communicate with you once a day . It is essential for you to know that they are safe and not putting themselves in trouble. Also persuade them to share their location every time they move from one place to another.
  2. Safety Spots: Before sending them off, it is necessary for you as a parent to research the place. Ensure that the place to be visited is safe and is not a forbidden one. Highlight them on the maps and guide them that they should not end in the marked areas.
  3. Drinking: As the proverb goes,” When the Cat is Away, the mouse will play”. So it could be likely that a teen having no one to watch could end up indulging in some unwanted activities such as underage drinking or smoking. Unfortunately it is not uncommon in case of solo teen travelers.
  4. Late Night Out: Warn your teens to stay indoors for a couple of nights. This would give them a feel of the night life and the security concerns involved. Let them know not to stay out late.
  5. Respect their Privacy: While making sure about children safety, you should not bug them time continuously your written Solo Teen Travel Rules.

Should you communicate these simple Solo Teen Travel Rules, you can feel rest assured that a teen’s trip would be a memorable one.

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