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Doraemon Co-creator Fujiko Fujio A dies at 88


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Manga Community Mourns its legend.

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The legendary Doraemon Co-creator Fujiko Fujio passes away. Fujiko Fujio created the popular Doraemon and other Manga comic series. Manga series are comic novels from Japan. Fujio, one of the Japanese beloved artists was 88 years old. Although the police are investigating the episode, they are not suspecting any foul play. The artist’s (real name Motoo Abiko) was found outside his Tokyo home.

Doraemon and its Success

Both Motoo Abiko and Fujiko F Fuji are credited with the creation of Doraemon.The pair worked together to create manga series that ran from 1970 to 1996. Both drifted apart in 1987, although Doraemon kept running.In terms of popularity Doraemon has a cult status in Japan equal to Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse.

Doraemon Co-creator Fujiko Fujio passes-An Icon in real sense

Manga Series character Doraemon passes away

Although Doraemon is an animated character, it somehow represents the optimistic view of humanity.In addition to Doraemon, Motoo Abiko created a number of characters. They were all a part of Manga Series.

  1. Doraemon
  2. Nobita Nobi
  3. Goda Takeshai

Doraemon Co-creator passes away. Fans mourn on social media.

Fujiko enjoyed popularity amongst his fans and they poured their love on social media. In fact, the fans are curious even more to check his artwork than before.

Fans mourn on the internet

Interesting Facts about Doraemon

Facts associated with Doraemon
Ranked as second strongest Manga character as per Oricon 2007
Google dedicated its Doodle on September 3,2009 to celebrate 40th Birthday
Featured on the covers of all 51 magazines published by Shogakukan
Appointed as brand ambassdor to promote Japanese Anime worldwide
The most loved children’s character as per Video Research Ltd
Most beloved cartoon character in Japan as per Toko Sekiguchi a reporter
In 2012, Hong Kong celebrated the birthday of Doraemon early
ESP has made several Doremon shaped guitars.
Doreamon-A league of its own

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