Sex Education For Teenagers: How Important Is That?

Sex Education for Teens
Sex Education for Teens

Often regarded as a Taboo, most parents shy away from discussing the subject with their children. And the disconnect often makes them deviate from the right path. This article talks about various ways in which Sex Education can be rendered.

Let’s admit the fact that discussing sex with a teen, the very first time is an awkward feeling. So much so that most parents leave it to the kids to explore it themselves. And it makes sense too. Indians might have adopted the western lifestyle moving into the 21st century, but we still remain attached to our roots. Culture and Values form an integral part of our lives. Topics relating to Sex, Intimacy and Relationships are still considered a Taboo. Thus, when the child enters puberty, it is but expected that he becomes vulnerable. Changes in body and Hormones can lead to exploration of many acts. This can often turn hazardous.

Why Sex Education For Teenagers is important?

As mentioned, the topic of Sex Education is never easy. For instance, there is always a confusion of the reaction of the child or even where to start from. Let’s admit it that it is never going to be easy but has to be done anyway. Sex Education for teenagers can inform them about not only sex, but also about relationships, and the prevention of STDs.⁠ As a parent or a trusted caregiver, it thus becomes your moral responsibility to answer the queries of your child. your teens turn to ⁠Knowledge of Sex education for teenagers is extremely important. No wonder they have made Reproductive Health and STD as a part of the tenth standard curriculum in all Indian schools. Having an open and honest conversation with your teenager is very important.

Sex Education for Teens
Sex Education for Teens

Ways to render Sex Education for Teenagers

Answer Your Child Queries

There are many sources of information and most of the times it is either incomplete or inaccurate. Friends, Classmates, and the internet. As a parent, it becomes important to answer the many queries that the teen might have. Also, it is integral to maintain patience as there could be changes in behaviour. Stay informed so you’ll be ready to answer any questions that your teen may have. The more you know about health topics and services the easier it will be to talk with your adolescent about them.

Spend Time With Your Teen

Teens have a number of Why’s and they could range from topics about Sex, Pregnancy and Unhealthy practices. Communication with your teen is the first attempt towards imparting Sexual Education for Teenagers. It is important to make them understand about healthy, respectful relationships. Discuss the benefits of staying safe, and let your teen know they can talk to a provider about prevention and testing. Also, provide them with sufficient confidence and enable them to discuss with you anything.

Discussion with a Sexual Health Professional

In the event the teen suffers anxiety issues, allow him to have a one-on-one time with their provider routinely. Not only will this induce independence at an earlier stage, but it can help ensure proactiveness about their sexual health. As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that their one-on-one time is an opportunity to ask questions and to talk openly and honestly about their overall health.

Answer Health Concerns

Let your teen’s doctor know that you’re supportive of your adolescent receiving recommended health services, including those for preventing HIV, other STDs, and unintended pregnancy. Healthcare providers who spend one-on-one time with teens offer regular opportunities for your teen to openly raise any concerns they might have. Plus, your teen will have the chance to receive personalized information on risks and prevention strategies and they will be able to better understand the changes their bodies are going through.

Parent Teen Communication

It is also important for parents to stay informed about their teen’s bodily changes. Make sure you educate yourself first with the right information as there is a lot of information available. With the right information and tools, you can help your teen stay safe and help them become a happy, healthy adults.

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