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Moon Transit In Aquarius


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The Moon is a planet that has an emotional effect on people. It can make us feel happy, sad, excited, or anxious. The Moon’s transits through the zodiac will have different effects depending on where it is located in the zodiac.

The Moon is in Aquarius from 16th July until July 18th. It’s an excellent time to work on your self-development and to make changes that will help you reach your goals. It’s a good time to take care of unfinished business and to get organized.

This moon phase can be a time when we feel misunderstood or out of step with the world around us. Don’t let these feelings get the best of you, as it is a time when we’re naturally inclined to take on new projects.

How Does The Moon Transit In Aquarius Affect Us?

The Moon in Aquarius is a good time for people to get together and share their ideas. It’s a good time for brainstorming too. The Moon in Aquarius is social, friendly energy and it’s great for networking.

The moon in Aquarius is an excellent time to plan group events and brainstorm sessions. It’s also an excellent time to network with others.

The Moon transit in Aquarius will affect the following:

– Humanitarian work,

– Businesses and jobs,

– Relationships and partnerships,

– Friendships.

What are the positive effects of the Moon Transit in Aquarius?

Aquarius is a humanitarian sign and this transit will make people more aware of the suffering of others. It will make them want to help those in need and lead them to take up humanitarian work.

The Moon transit in Aquarius also has a positive effect on business. It causes us to more creative and innovative leading to new ideas for businesses and improve existing products or services.

Relationships are another area where the Moon transit can have an effect on people’s lives during this time period. It can strengthen relationships with others and with the self, regardless of how they are currently going.

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What are the negative effects of the Moon entering Aquarius?

Aquarius is an air sign. When the Moon enters this sign, people are more likely to feel disconnected from the environment around them and may experience an increase in feelings of loneliness or isolation.

There is a greater likelihood for people to fixate on ideas and be resistant to change. This can lead to a lack of growth and an inability to see things from a different perspective. Lastly, Aquarius is an intellectual sign. When the Moon enters this sign, people are more likely to have a lot of information stored in their heads and may not be able to process it as well as they should.

In relationships, the Aquarius moon might bring about a breakup or a sudden change in the way partners interact with each other. It might also signify that one partner is not satisfied with their relationship anymore and wants to end it for good.

Friendships and partnerships can also be affected by this moon cycle as it could signify that one party is not feeling as committed to their friends or work partners anymore.


Many people struggle with the changing tides of emotions that the mood swings cause, whether they are feeling happy or sad. There is often a focus on things happening to others rather than yourself and your own thoughts, which can make it easier to think about how others are feeling and what they need as opposed to what you need.

The best way to deal with these negative effects is by being aware of them and understanding what they are doing to you so that you can prepare for them and be mentally ready for the next time they happen.

The Moon transit in Aquarius is a time of self-discovery and independence. It is a time for your individuality to shine through. You are more likely to feel like an individual, rather than part of a group. It is important to take care of yourself during this period. You may be feeling emotionally sensitive and therefore you should avoid any arguments or confrontations with others.

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