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5 Valentine Day Blind Dating Safety Hacks To Stay Out Of Trouble


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Hardly a week is left before any lover’s favourite day, Valentine arrives. With many going on a Blind date, here are some safety hacks you must consider to safeguard yourself.

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Valentine’s is the first day that comes to mind when you refer to the shortest month of the year. A day that is dedicated to the couples or lovers has an overwhelming display of romantic vibes. With the easy access of Technology, the culture of Valentine Day Blind Dating has significantly risen. Here the couple meet on the net or through a common source to get together. However, meeting someone you have no clue about does pose security challenges. On this Valentine Day, here are the safety tips you must consider protecting yourself. Here are Matthew Hussey’s tips for a great blind date.

Tips to Have a Great Blind date

Ease and access to Technology and social media have not only made life easier, but also confronted us with many challenges. With the easy access to information now, safeguarding your privacy seems to be a challenge. Cybercrime is also on the rise and has complicated things. When we look around, there is hardly anything that technology hasn’t influenced. Jobs to Household, Communication you name it, and Technology has a part. February month is centered around Love, Romance and Compassion. Yes, you got it right. As mentioned, culture of blind date has significantly increased. Also, it has become a popular way of entering into relationships.

Safety Tips before you head on a Valentine’s Date

Flowers, Chocolates, Drinking and Party sounds like a great activity on the Valentine. However, it can also turn into a nightmare. Activities are fun, it is also necessary to stay safety conscious. Here are a few safety tips you can consider before going on Valene Day Blind dating.

5 Safety Tips before heading on Blind date this Valentine

1.Inform a friend or family member

Ensure to inform your family or friend your location. Also, inform them about any number where to reach in the event of an emergency. Although it might sound weird, but it is wise to provide the number of your date as well. Additionally, allow them to check-in on you via phone to ensure your safety. Please note that the above don’t anyway intend to intrude in your privacy. Rather, it ensures your safety at all times.

Blind Date Safety Measures
Blind Date Safety Measures

2. Background Track Record

While heading for Valentine Day Blind Dating, it is best to have some information about your date. Technology has provided many ways to do so. Additionally, there are platforms or may be people in your group who can provide you with some information. All we are saying is to keep as much information beforehand. This exercise shall put you as well as your family at ease. Afterall, there is power in information.

3. Prefer a Public Place for the date

Before meeting a person, the first time especially on a Valentine Day Blind date, there is a mix of fear and excitement. In order to have a stress-free time, ensure the meeting place has plenty of people. Besides, select a place which is well lit and familiar. It is always safer to meet in a crowded environment, but people may remember you later if something goes wrong.

Blind Date safety Measures
Blind Date safety Measures

4. Be Alert and Never Take Your eyes off your Food or Drink

Many people have gotten drugged during their date. Don’t leave anything up to chance and make sure to have your food and drink in sight the entire time. Besides, limit alcohol consumption so you can stay alert and safe.

Blind Date safety Measures
Blind Date safety Measures

5. Ensure to carry enough Cash, Charged Mobile and Power Bank

Last but not the least, ensure to carry enough money, a fully charged mobile phone, and external power source (i.e a fully charged power bank).

Blind Date safety Measures
Blind Date safety Measures

We hope that you all have a great Valentine Day this year.

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