Top Tips To Choose The Right Body Lotion That Nourishes Your Skin Without Any Damage

Tips To Choose The Right Body Lotion
Tips To Choose The Right Body Lotion

Do you know that you can not use any body lotions on your skin as skin tone and complexion vary from person to person? What may suit someone else may not go well on your skin. There are also high chances of skin infection if you are not careful while picking up that body lotion from a rack in a super store.

The point is – you have to take care of a lot of factors before applying anything on your skin, most importantly a body lotion. You also have to be careful and ensure that the body lotion is free of chemicals and rich with as many natural ingredients as possible such as aloe vera.

Applying the body lotion is an art

Aloe vera contains a high amount of water content that nourishes from deep insides. It helps your skin from getting dry. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which is why the best to treat any skin problems and help to heal the wounds.

Act wise, think twice

Here are some tips to choose the right body lotion based on your skin type –

  • Oily skin: If anybody facing the problem of oily skin, and want to use body lotion, then go for a non-greasy composition. It will make you feel fresh and moisturise your skin.
  • Normal skin: Look for water-based lotions that contain lighter oil like aloe vera lotion, jojoba etc.
  • Dry skin: Look for thicker oil-based lotions. For cracked skin go for petroleum-based ingredients.
  • Sensitive skin: Go for lightweight lotions that contain hydrating ingredients like aloe vera. There should be no use of harmful chemicals like sulphate and paraben etc. in lotions for sensitive skin.

Avoid body lotions that are harsh on your skin, the irritation breaks down your Collagen, which results in skin damage. Collagen is a protein that keeps your skin smooth and young-looking. Lotions with dyes or having colour additives should be avoided.

In addition to this, always for the ones with good fragrance as it makes all the difference. It uplifts out mood and gives a feeling of freshness even after hours of applying it These kinds of lotions are suitable for all skin types

Safe packaging is important

Packaging is another important thing that people mainly consider when buying body lotion. Body lotions in jar and containers should be avoided, as exposure to light and air will quickly damage the effectiveness inside of the product.

Read instructions carefully  

Reading the caution on the body lotion gives ideas about how it can damage your eyes. The eyes are the most sensitive part of your body. It also suggests that children below 3 years of age should not use.

Feature of the product gives you entire idea about what benefits the product is having. It generally consists of nutrient-rich solutions for all skin types. It also moisturise while hydrating and replenishing dry skin cells.