Your Pet May Not Be As Enthusiastic About Holi Celebrations, Protect Them With Simple Tips

pet care tips in holi
pet care tips in holi

There is festivity in the air and everyone wants to get drenched on Holi colors – but you need to be careful. Your pets may find our festive indulgences a bit too much to cope up with. Experts believe that if toxic colors stay on their body for too long, it can lead to skin infections. Many pets, specially dogs, have a habit of licking their bodies therefore there are greater chances of harmful chemicals entering their bodies and causing more damage.

Here are some simple tips that can save your pets from the unwanted Holi hooliganism –

1. Use organic colors as much as possible

The Holi colours contain harmful chemicals like Zinc, lead, etc. Licking the colours from their body when someone is in the spirit of fun pours colours on them. The symptoms of Holi colours on pets include vomiting, constipation, sneezing, etc. Avoid playing Holi with harmful chemicals, use organic or natural colours.

Spreading awareness about pet care is important

2. Stay away from throwing water balloons

You should protect your dogs from unwanted water balloons which may hit them in the eyes. It can results in loss of eyesight, vomiting, etc. Persuade your neighbors also to spare your pets. Encourage them to give us throwing water balloons altogether as it may cause irreparable damage to pets.

3. Avoid going out with your pets

Try to avoid outing with your pet on Holi. It is the best way to protect your pets from the harmful colours of Holi. You need to be vigilant prior to Holi, as there is a chance that some children might hurl the Holi colours on your pet.

Simple ways to protect your pets on Holi

4. Say no to sweets

Refrain from someone who is providing sweets like Gujiya and Thandai to your pets, as they are inappropriate for your paws. They may suffer problems like infection in their digestive system, liver failure etc. Its best to give them the diet that is easy to digest and something that their digestive system is accustomed to.

5. Take preventive measures

You can put a notice or poster regarding the harmful effects of colours on pets. You even ask the authorities to spread the awareness and sentitise people to spare the pets while playing colors. It is a good idea to tell kids in the neighborhood not to throw harmful colours or water balloons on pets.