Petcare Tips That Will Keep You And Your Pet Happy Forever

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Petcare Tips That Will Keep You And Your Pet Happy Forever

There is a growing trend, specially in the metros, to keep pets at home. It is heartening to see so many people caring about pets and pets getting all the love and affection. What disappoints sometimes is an utter lack of awareness when it comes to raising a pet at home. Many of us are not aware of simple dos and don’ts of pet care and end of doing epic random shit.

Dr Shally Mattoo Jalali speaks to us on important aspects of pet care. Here are the highlights of her interview –

Question – In today’s busy life what are the kinds of pets that people prefer to keep?

Ans: Pandemic has changed a lot of perspectives in general. Work from home has made people more and more nuclear they don’t have time to take their pets for walks, rides, and socialization.  Because of the constraint of space in flats in high-rise buildings, they want to keep a pet that requires low maintenance and could be managed in less space. Big dogs require large space and require a lot of time to engage so people are preferring small breeds and cats. Also, guinea pigs hamsters rabbits, and birds are more preferred pets.

Question – Where should a person look for a pet, how can we get one?

Answer: There are a lot of breeders who breed dogs, cats, and other small animals but there is a difference in how ethical and sensitive that breeder is. You can buy them from an ethical breeder which is actually difficult to find or just simply adopt them from either NGOs, animal welfare organizations and groups, or your vet who might know a good breeder. Not all the breeders are good some of them just want to sell the pet not understanding the possible diseases and illnesses puppies can acquire while they just keep selling unvaccinated young puppies or kittens. They separate young ones too early from their mother and they don’t get proper colostrum and immunity.

Question – What should be the right age to adopt puppies and kittens?

Anwer:45-55 days is the time when mothers wean off puppies and kittens and no longer feed them. At around 35-40 days deworming should be done and at 45 days vaccination should be done and after 14 days you can get one home.

Question – Why is there are a lot of abandoned pets?

Answer: You have to see it as a lifetime responsibility a pet dog or cat would live up to 12-15 years. The purpose of getting a pet should not be e a status symbol or a kid’s birthday or just a replacement of a brother or sister. There are a lot of medical needs of a pet such as vaccinations and supplement accessories and it is a living being, not a toy it will get sick also and it will get hurt too.

Question – Do they require exercise and a balanced good diet?

Answers Like us it is important that a dog gets proper exercise and a proper diet. Cats are obligate carnivores they require a complete meat-based diet. Dogs being monogastric can have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets.

Question – Why do we need to get a pet checked by a vet before getting it home?

Answer: Looking for a good vet is very important as a veterinarian is going to be your pet’s best friend for life he would also understand the body language of your pet. He can screen your pet for any infectious diseases like parvo distemper rabies and all other life-threatening fatal diseases.