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Cutest Dogs that ruled hearts


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Here are 5 adorable breeds of dogs that are too irresistible to be loved

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Dogs is a man’s most faithful and loyal friend. These furry creatures are a man’s biggest stress busters. Their unconditional love can ease out any tough day time in a day. There have been many a stories where the dogs have saved their owners from danger. From Pugs to Beagles to Huskies, there are plenty of breeds which are so cute that you can fall in love with them. These furry animals can melt anyone’s heart. These furry animals are so cute and adorable that can really make one fall in love with them. From Pomeranians to Cup dugs these can actually melt even the break the heart of toughest individuals. Here are 5 cutest dogs that ruled hearts and left an everlasting impression.

5 Dogs that ruled hearts

As mentioned dogs are smart creatures. Not only they are cuddly, but they can sense your emotions. There have been incidences where dogs have turned out to as relievers by adding the necessary emotional support. Also in one of the instances, a dog jumped into the river to save a drowning baby to shore. Their contribution is immense. However there were 4 dogs that need a worthy mention.


Boo the Pomeranian has been voted as the “World’s Cutest Dog.” The dog enjoyed a huge fan following and in no time earned a celebrity status. Besides that it had millions of followers on social media. He enjoyed a cult status with as many as 17 million Facebook fans who just loved him. Additionally he has a personal book dedicated to him as well as plenty of Facebook stickers. Boo’s owner was a Facebook employee and it is no wonder that this cute little cuddling creature has massive fan following. Here is the world’s cutest dog book entitled Boo’s Big Vacation: World’s cutest dog takes San Francisco. Unfortunately he passed away in 2017 due to massive heart problems.

Boo- The world’s Cutest Dog


This adorable Pomeranian is already a celebrity and has two world records on his name. First he completed 5 meters on front paws in the fastest time. Second record was completing 10 meters on the hind legs. Although the dog is from Grayslake in Illinois, but currently it has moved to the Los Angeles area. Just like any celebrity, jeff’s favourite place too is Hollywood Boulevard and when he walks down the walk of fame, he gets plenty of reaction. He has over 10.5 million fans on his Instagram page.

Jiff-The Fastest Dog as per the Guinness Book of World Records

Doug (Pug)

Pugs are adorable showdogs. Although they are not the best security dogs, they make a great social breed. They are known for their wrinkled face, curled tail and a shinny coat of various colours such as brown or black. Additionally they have a muscular body. Pugs are Chinese breed , but were however were passed to Europe. Doug the Pug too had a massive fan following of over 5 million Followers on the Facebook. Winner of two two-time People’s Choice Award winner, and the king of Pop culture, he is seen in various adorable outfits. As he became famous , there is a foundation started on his name Doug the Pug Foundation, which helps bring joy and support to kids fighting cancer.

Doug the Pug

Maru the Shiba

Shinjuku Isetan Departmental store welcomed the first customers of the year, with the help of the internet sensation Shiba dog. He was made the store manager to honour 2018 which is the dog year in the Chinese Calendar. There were fans who stood in lines to take pictures with him. Imagine the craze for Maru that only the first got to receive a dog shaped Maru Card. Both Maru and his owner came to the stage on a roaring welcome. One can imagine the popularity of the dog from the fact that he has over 2.6 million followers on Instagram . Not only that he is a part of marketing campaign. In other words he gets lot of affection off the social media.


Mishka “the talking husky” gained popularity overnight when someone posted a video of her saying ‘”I Love You” on the YouTube. She had been popular ever since and has plenty of subscribers. Mihka passed away in the year 2017 unfortunately


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