How To Take Care Of Your Dogs In The Rainy Season?

Petcare Tips in monsoon
Petcare Tips in monsoon

3 Important Petcare Tips During Monsoon for your dogs as the Vet recommends

Although Monsoons are a much needed respite from the hot weather, it does brings its own problems. Although it is a break for us , it is not so in the case of the dogs . Having said this we need to ponder, how can we keep our pets healthy and happy just like us. Here are some Pet Care questions that every pet lover in mind on the onset of a rainy season. After all who doesn’t love rain, and the pets are no exception. ‘Dancing in the Rain’ is as much dearer to them as it is to us .
As it seems on one hand make dogs super happy as they like to take shower in rain and splash water around. However, it should not be forgotten, that this is a favourable weather for ecto and endo parasites like ticks and fleas. Insects and Flies Multiply rapidly as the temperature is just right for them. Here are important Petcare Tips during monsoon. Catch one of this dog moment as he enjoys a splash in rain.

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Dog in the Rain

Important Pet Care Tips During Monsoon

Tick and Flea Infection

Ticks and Fleas multiply rapidly during the Monsoon season. As the temperature is favourable it is just the perfect time for infestation. Consequently it leads to redness and Itching. Ticks and Fleas carry multiple diseases , Mosquitos cause Dengue and Malaria. Babesia, e Canis, Anaplalikesma, Hepatozoon etc are some of most common causes of tick fever.

Symptoms of Tick Fever

Here are some of the common symptoms of Tick Fever

  1. Los of Appetite
  2. Listlessness
  3. Weight Loss
  4. Fever
  5. Vomitting
  6. Fall in Hemoglobin and Platelets
  7. In severe cases Multiple Organ Failure

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Important Petcare Tips to avoid Tick infection

Pets need to be pampered as much as humans. Regular Vet visits, medication, shots is what you need to enable them to stay healthy and Fit. Some of the important Petcare Tips during Monsoon include giving Tick Bath, Tick Oral meds, Spot on or Tick collar to prevent them.

Eczema and Hair Loss

It is but natural that moisture gets trapped under the skin during raining season. Moisture breeds Fungus which causes loads of Fungal and Bacterial problems. Here are some of the consequences of Eczema infection.

  1. Itching
  2. Redness
  3. Moist Skin
  4. Hair Fall
  5. Pain

Petcare Tips During Monsoon : Eczema Infection and Consequences

Eczema invites flies, which further leads to maggot wound. Thus it is essential to keep the pet’s skin dry. A regular Antifungal or Bacterial shampoo bath can be of great help. Hair dryers are excellent to keep pets dry. PetKonnect explains the maggot infection in dogs.

Maggot Infection in Pets

Hair fall due to Weather Change

Change in weather causes hailfall. It happens twice a year, one before summer and once during rains. A change in weather induces stress leading to more hair fall. Besides weather a change in diet can also result in more hair-fall. Always try to give proper balanced diet to an avoid any kind of stress to the body.

Follow adequate Petcare Tips to protect pets from moisture entrapping

Pets are anyway conditioned to go to walk minimum twice in a day. Every time they walk over muddy or stagnant water, moisture is trapped in paws leading to Pododermatitis. Avoid taking your pets out in rain and once they are back, pat them dry properly. Dust them with some antifungal powder regularly.

Proper care of little little things can make monsoon most happy period or time of the year. We can easily ensure wellbeing of our little ones.

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