Friday, July 19, 2024

10 Romantic Ideas to Say ‘I Love You’


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When we think about how to be romantic, we often think about expensive grand gestures. But these romantic ideas, big and small, are perfect if you’re looking for something to show your significant other how much you care about them.

Romantic idea #1: Stop to appreciate them

Take a few minutes to stop and unwind together when you and your partner get home from work. Most people tend to go right into their routine of making dinner or getting chores done around the house. Stopping to give them a hug and kiss and ask how their day was will really mean a lot. Maybe share one of the most romantic quotes with them.

Romantic idea #2: Leave a note

If you get up earlier in the morning than your partner, leave a romantic note on the mirror in the bathroom. It will be sure to brighten their day.

Romantic idea #3: Put the phones away

Phones are a constant distraction. One of the simplest romantic ideas you can do is just put them away for a day or even a night. Focus on each other instead of your screen. 

Romantic idea #4: Sit under the stars

Set aside an evening to appreciate the natural beauty that is around you. On a clear night, grab a blanket and sit out in your yard or find an open park and look up at the stars. If you’re lucky, you might get to see a shooting star.

Romantic idea #5: Wakeup call

Get up a little earlier than you normally do and make a warm cup of coffee and bring it to your partner while they’re still in bed.

Romantic idea #6: Bring home flowers

Grab a bouquet of flowers while you’re picking up the groceries after work. Leave them the counter with a sweet note for your partner to find. People reveal the sweetest thing their partner has ever said to them. Take notes.

Romantic idea #7: Sunset walk

Take a walk down your street or in the park one evening to watch the sunset together.

Romantic idea #8: Date night

Get dressed up and splurge on a fancy date night at your favorite restaurant. It will feel nice to get out of your work clothes and feel like you’re on a first date again with your significant other. After, watch one of these romantic movies you haven’t seen yet. 

Romantic idea #9: Help with errands

Incorporating romantic ideas into your schedule each week is an important part of having a strong relationship. If you know that your partner has a lot of errands to run and no time to do them, do it for them. Or, offer to go along with them so they have someone to keep them company. These are the most outrageous marriage proposals you have to read to believe.

Romantic idea #10: Pack their lunch

Pack a nice lunch for your significant other and have it ready on the table before they head out the door for work. Include a sweet note or their favorite treat for a fun surprise.

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