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Coffee elevates Sex Drive, Fusion of Sex with Coffee peeks the pleasure


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The term ‘Good in Bed’ varies with the person. While some individuals prefer gentle touch to reach the peak, others like to go the rough route.

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According to a survey in an American daily, 55% of people feel they have traditional sex, and 3 in 10 want to have adventure in their life. Communication, Energy and Endurance are vital for an amazing sex life. Some Foods are extremely aphrodisiac and can really help to turn on the mood. Coffee, Honey, Chocolate, Ginger and Nuts can really make a difference. For Coffee Lovers, there is now one extra benefit of drinking coffee. Coffee elevates sex drive. Great sex is a learned skill that takes communication and practice. It also takes some degree of energy and endurance. For those looking for an extra, aphrodisiac-induced edge, mixing coffee and sex might mean the difference between good and amazing sex.

Coffee increases sex pleasure
Coffee increases sex pleasure

There is no written rulebook to what turns a person on or what gives the other pleasure in bed. Every individual goes through different emotions, and it depends on an individual’s expectations and state of mind. On one hand there are instances where even a cuddle or a soft touch is enough to elevate the sex drive. And on the other hand, the same can turn out to be extremely boring for the person. All in all, it is an individual perception.

5 Ways Coffee elevates Sex Drive

Incorporation of Coffee in your routine doesn’t only makes one active, but also contributes to the libido. There are many ways in which the brewing concoction can be added to one’s sexual wellbeing.

A coffee can be a perfect turn-on for many and can in fact help you a better lover. Here are some of the benefits of the beverage that prove Colfee elevates Sex drive.

Coffee increases sex pleasure
Coffee increases sex pleasure
  1. Coffee Elevates Women’s Libido: Coffee has caffeine that leads to the increase of heart rate and blood pressure. Consuming something with coffee can get you aroused or horny.
  2. Reduces Erectile Dysfunction: Caffeine is known to increase levels of Testosterone, a hormone thought to increase male libido.
  3. Athletic Performance: Coffee is also known to boost athletic performance or stamina. Caffeine reduces fatigue, while improving focus and sharpness. In other words, coffee drinkers are alert and can last longer. No kidding, sex is an endurance sport.
  4. Alleviates Stress: When consumed in moderation consumption of coffee can reduce stress. A stress-free state of mind is necessary for a great orgasm. Caffeine consumption leads to resistance to depression and memory.
  5. Elevates Attention span: Caffeine makes one alert and sharp during a make out session.

It is a truth that coffee doesn’t make a passionate lover. Sex after all is an individual experience and it varies with mood, time and age. Whatever the factors might be, the key to a great sex life is effective communication, adaptation and trying something new.

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