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Teenage friendships could make or break lives


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Importance of Teen Friendships

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The importance of Teen friendships is not a debatable topic . It provides happiness to the loved ones. People feel happy to share their day to day feelings with their closed ones. Sometimes partners even provide mental support to their soulmates. On the other hand teenage jealously and wrong perception are also not uncommon. There are times when small doubts can break relationships in the long run.

3 Things that a Good friendship brings

1.Good friendships enhance love bonding

Good friendships give you happiness. It lowers the rate of anxiety level as you share your day-to-day feelings with your love partners. You feel happier with your partner and become emotionally stronger to tackle any problem. Also, it gives you better self-esteem as you know there is someone has back.

2.Friendship helps to cope with a mental health issues

Teenagers generally face the problems like depression, and anxiety in their day-to-day life. Communicating with partners during your free time helps to clear out all your mental problems. There are partners who understand the sadness and loneliness that you are facing in your life. A companion provides you not only comfort but guidance also.

 3.Friendship builds loyalty and honesty

Loyalty and honesty build strength among partners result in strong relationships. One should be honest while judging people. Honesty encourages bonding and keeps your relationship in the long run. As teenagers, we meet people who are not honest not honest. Having such friends always leads to broken trust. There should be open communication where anyone can express opinions.

3 Things that destroys the teenage friendship

1.Technology is killing the Teenage Friendship

Social media at times has negative consequences on friendships. People loose contact with their close friends. When they no longer have the support system, most get trapped in cyberbullying issues. It is also dangerous for relationships. Putting a picture on social media does not create much buzz online, For example, if one does not get comments or likes from the ones they are expected, it results in anxiety-related problems. Besides one faces trust issues while making the friends online.

2.Teenage Jealousy

Many people as teenagers develop jealousy. It always disturbs your friendship. Jealous people always greet your goodness with some negativity resulting in annoyance. Jealousy demotivates an individual and hampers his growth in life.

3.Wrong Perception between teenagers

Many teenagers develop a wrong perception about other people. Judgement results in insecurity about one’s relationship. In addition it results in trust issues amongst friends.

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