Thursday, June 1, 2023

Peeping Tom Movies Can Never Become Mainstream Business


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Love, Sex aur Dhoka was Bollywood’s first movie that attempted the Taboo topic of a peeping Tom. Although, most people don’t admit, but it is the same reason that drives people to porn sites.

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Most of us shy away of admitting this rather bizarre sounding fact, but it is so real. Most people like to satisfy their sexual desire either through seeing someone naked or perhaps in a sexual act. Also, Voyeurism is one of the reasons of teenagers reaching out to pornographic sites online. However, this topic cannot be a mainstream cinema due to censor board restrictions. Most individuals that the concept of Peeping Tom is still limited to the adult content only.

Thus Love, Sex aur Dhokha can just be referred to as an experimental movie. But will production of more of any such movies lead to its popularity its doubtable. People might watch it on a regular basis, but it can never become a mainstream cinema.

Rajkumar Review of Love, Sex aur Dhokha

Why Peeping Tom Movies cannot be a long-term success?

It is not that Bollywood has not made attempts earlier to make Peeping Tom movies. However, the general public doesn’t even classify these as movies only. Merely regarded as items of satisfying one’s libido, people refer to it as a one-time thing. Just imagine this how long is the attention span of such movies versus a typical Bollywood or a Hollywood movie.


Hardly a few minutes right and considering our hectic and stressful lifestyle has led more younger generations towards these movies. More and more young people are moving towards these. No wonder shows like Sach Ka Samana, Rakhi Ka Insaaf, Koffee With Karan are massive successes as they touch on topics that are Cliche. Surprisingly, those people also watch such movies and shows who criticize them.

However controversial these Peeping Tom Movies seem, it is still huge business

These peeping tom movies form a huge business. Every now and then reports of hidden cameras in the modest places like washrooms are reported. In one of the incidents an MMS video of ladies’ washroom in a university became viral. This incident had created quite a stir among students and parents. Ekta Kapoor produced 2010 movie Love Sex Aur Dhokha (LSD) intimidated many a people. It addressed some really controversial topics that made many uncomfortable. It addressed topics of Honour Killing, MMS Scandals and Sting Operations in a three-part series.

Scenes from Love, Sex Aur Dhokha

These Peeping Tom Movies are as real as they can be. If they were not, it would not have been this big. Perhaps watching these is just another way of taking our minds from our life’s insecurities.

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