Friday, June 9, 2023

Kento Momota eyes redemption as he fights for his third world BWF Title


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Former World Number One Japanese Kento Momota claimed to feel uneasy as he gets ready for reclaiming World Title next week in Tokyo.

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There are some things that are not within ones control and it can be well said for Kento Momota. Once considered to be in indomitable form met his descent about two years back after an accident. He ended up in a bad car crash leaving him badly bruised. He has been in a bad form ever since. Japanese legend since then has lost in the first round of four of the seven tournaments he entered. However since the BWF Championships is in Tokyo this year, the former number Kento Momota eyes redemption in these championships. Regarding confidence , the player once rated as beatable still feels uneasy in spite of the practice.

Momoto Kento ahead of the World Championship in Japanese,’ I am ready’.

Considering Home Advantage and Cheer, Kento Momota eyes redemption

Once a force to reckon with in badminton for a long time until his car crash, Kento Momota was just invincible. He suffered loss after loss and in fact he failed to attain his previous glory. As the BWF starts the former Badminton star and world number one aims to change the perception. And to his advantage is the home support as the event is held in Tokyo. If he holds his nerves and the crowd encourages him one, Kento is hopeful he can very well claim the World Championships beginning today. Additionally he feels that his confidence is returning ” little by little”.

Kento Momoto at BWF
Kento Momoto at BWF

Amidst doubts and internal fears , Japan’s Kento Momota eyes redemption

The former number one is jittery going in the BWF in spite of the practice. As Momota readies for the BWF, he claims that his goal is to focus on himself and give his best. However, he feels that there is a bit of uneasiness and restlessness in him.

Kento Momoto at BWF
Kento Momoto at BWF

“I’m not feeling so bad in practice but I’m not managing to perform in games so there is still a lot of unease”

Momota on his confidence to reporters

Denmark Vitor Axelson is ranked number 1 followed by Momoto. Viktor has so far lost only one men’s single match on court this season. Currently Viktor is the favourite to win the title this year unless the Momoto makes a comeback history.

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