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Hardik Pandya’s Comment Erupts a Social Media Debate


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Hardik Pandya’s comment of ‘To Hell With Spirit of The Game’ has sparked a debate over the method of run-out at the non-striker’s end.

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Ever since Deepti Sharma’s run-out at the non-striker end during third and the final ODI between England and Indian women at the Lord’s. Indian team faced a backlash on the social media for not complying to the spirit of the game. Since then, some of the former cricketers have also entered into the discussion with their opinions. The recent to enter the debate was Hardik Pandya who has come with a strong response. Many English and Australian cricketers felt that the action was against the spirit of the game. However according to the majority consensus, running out the batter is nothing wrong. Thus, the bowler in this case was in her rights to use her thinking to her advantage. And now Hardick Pandya’s comment on the so-called debate has sparked a controversy.

Deepti Sharma’s run-out

Here is the Deepti Sharma Controversy that led to all this chaos.

All-Rounder Hardik Pandya’s comment points weighs the situation against Rules

Hardik Pandya came heavily on those commenting that a bowler should stress more about the spirit of the Cricket. The cricketer argued that it was not a good feeling to be always weary or careful of the rules. Hardik Pandya’s comment that if the players are feeling the pressure continuously about spirit of the game, the rules should be trashed.

Hardik Pandya opens on the ICC Podcast.

He came heavy on the ICC review podcast and commented with the following words. Hardik Pandya’s comment requested everyone not to stretch it beyond a proportion. In cricket there are rules, and he encouraged everyone to pay attention to those and care less about the spirit of the game. Additionally, he also commented on the fact that it is the duty of the batsman to ensure that he stays within crease all the time. And, if the bowler takes the bails off, he or she should not be held guilty.

Hardik Pandya
Hardik Pandya

“Personally, I have no problem. If I am out, if I am walking out and someone runs me out, fair enough, it’s my mistake, not the bowlers. It is using the rules to one’s advantage. Simple as that, let’s not make a big deal, that’s it.”

Hardik Pandya considers it a batsman mistake and not the bowlers

Hardik Pandya’s comment came heavy on the critics of Deepti Sharma

The all-rounder, who played a huge part in India’s win over Pakistan, went on to say that personally he would be okay if a bowler runs him out at the non-striker’s end as it’s his mistake and not the bowler’s. he further added.

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