10 Reasons To Visit India As Soon As The Pandemic Induced Travel Restrictions Are Over

Reasons to visit India
Reasons to visit India

India is traveller’s paradise. It is vibrant, it is colourful, it has got a great heritage and it offers a cultural potpourri which will leave you stunned as soon as you step out of the airport. Every city has a unique food culture, every street has a rhythm of its own, every person has a few tales to inspire you. There is optimism in the air, and you should not miss that after the pandemic.

Varanasi is recognised as the oldest living city in the world

We are giving you 10 reasons to visit India as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted –

Reason #1 : Competitive prices

We will not call it cheap instead we will give it a much better identity – India offers the best of travel experiences at a competitive price. The biennial World Economic Forum (WEF) Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, India ranks 10th best for “price competitiveness”.

Reason #2 : Amazing food

Every street in India has got its unique food

India has got thousands of dishes and thousands of different ways to prepare a particular dish. There’s nothing called a typical Indian food instead every state and a city has got its own regional flavour that is tempting with a legacy of its own like Chicken tikka masala.

Reason #3 : Taj Mahal

Agra, a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has got Taj Mahal – one of the most recognisable buildings in the world and arguably the most beautiful. It attracts millions of visitors each year from all over the world.

Reason #4 : Delhi – the political capital

India’s capital is a pulsating megalopolis with leafy parks, monuments of political significance such as India Gate, some of the most visited Hindu and Muslim religious shrines and bustling markets.

Reason #5 : Wagah border ceremony

Wagah border invoked passion on both sides of border

You may find it as a bizarre border ceremony performed by the security guards of India and Pakistan at the frontier, but this ceremony attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every day.

Reason #6 : Experience a royal living

Rajsthan has plenty of places to experience a royal lifestyle

Live like a Mughal king in one of India’s former palaces, many of which have since been converted into lavish hotels. There are so many to choose from specially in the state of Rajasthan on the western border of India.

Reason #7 : Incredible wildlife

India has got some of the best wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in the world such as Corbett National Park which is famous for its tigers. You will also get a chance to spot elephants, rhinos and rufous-bellied hawk eagles.

Reason #8 : A railway journey

Indian rail journeys are entertaining and enriching experience

It is no more a filthy experience. Travelling in a train India is now a life changing experience with constantly changing landscape, local food and a friendly co-passengers which will explain everything about India in their own unassuming ways.

Reason #9 : Backwaters

Kerala’s backwaters are a maze of winding rivers, canals and lakes stretching nearly 50 miles. They are best explored on one of the old rice barges, which were formerly used for transporting grain but have since been converted to ferry tourists around.

Reason # 10 : Himalayas

Himalayas in India offers great opportunity to indulge in many adventure sports such as hiking, mountaineering, bungy jumping. You can also find a perfect opportunity to discover yourself in the quite surroundings. Rishikesh, the north Indian town on the Ganges often called “the yoga capital of the world” became world-famous thanks to the Beatles. The town is located in the lap of Himalayas.