Essential Travel Documents Checklist For A Stress-Free Trip

Essential Travel Documents
Essential Travel Documents

It is often we hear travelers missing on essential documents. In order to have a stress-free enjoyable travel experience, it is advisable to keep all the documents in a Travel Organizer.

In a Hilarious episode of Breakfast with Champions, Virat opened about Rohit Sharma’s forgetful Habit. The episode revealed how the skipper forgot his passport a number of times. Although, we might have had a hearty laugh back then, but we too have been in the same boat too. Ensuring all the documents arranged in an organized fashion can make travel so much hassle free. And owing to the Covid Clearance, many airlines in particular ask for a latest certificate. Thus, it is necessary to go through essential travel documents checklist well in advance. These include electronic copy of the Booking or Boarding pass, Valid ID (Driver’s License or Passport) or Frequent Flyer Miles Cards.

Virat Kohli opens about Rohit Sharma’s forgetful nature

Essential Travel Documents Checklist

Following Security and Pandemic Concerns, passengers are expected to adhere to certain regulations. Also, owing to these regulations, customers are expected to report much early than before. Here are some of the Documents that come under Essential Travel Documents List.

  1. Passport and Visas: Ensure to print an electronic copy in the event it gets lost.
  2. Identification: Driver’s license or Passport.
  3. Bank cards, Credit Cards, Contact Number: It is a wise practice to save the bank and credit card companies in your phone for emergencies.
  4. Emergency cash: Ensure to carry cash for emergency.
  5. Frequent Flyer cards: Airline staff may ask for it during boarding.
  6. Immunization records: Mandatory to carry vaccination records for Covid.
  7. Itineraries or reservations/ Boarding Pass: Print Boarding pass and Itinerary.
  8. Safeguard Against Theft through use of RFID Wallet, that protects from theft using transmitters to gain information to your credit and debit card.
  9. Luggage Lock to safeguard against theft
  10. Luggage Tracker

Essential Travel Checklist

Besides the documents, here are some essential items you would like to check before boarding.

Pre-Travel Checklist
  1. Baggage restrictions
  2. Visa Requirements
  3. Immunization Records
  4. Itineraries or Boarding Pass
  5. Confirmation of Flight Status

Additionally adhere to the airlines travel policy, Electronic Games, Men’s Grooming Products or Colognes are not to be carried aboard the plane. Strictly adhere to the guidelines.

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