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April fools Day: 5 Prank ideas to pull on Family and Friends on April 1st


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April Fools Day is perhaps a break free day for jokesters. Most times we hesitate to prank our family. However, this is the day one is licensed to carry on any mischief on friends and family. Leaving aside some, most encourage so. Especially the children of the house eagerly look forward to this day. Their creative juices are on the rise as they, discover nth ways to trigger pranks on family members and friends. Fools day is celebrated on April 1 and is considered a certified day to trick anyone. The kids are experts content creators for the fun day. Most adults feel left behind in joining the excitement. If the adults are confused, about what to do this time, here are 5 funny prank ideas to try on anyone.These ideas can be great fun and are safe.

Substituting Salt for Sugar

An apt prank to kickstart this day is substituting Salt for sugar in everyone’s morning tea or Coffee. It is hilarious and irritating at the same time. Moreover, it just makes the victim look stupid. A word of caution for those trying the prank-Don’t try it on someone who loves their morning tea.

April fools day is incomplete without Invisible Ink prank

Another apt prank to try on someone is to stain their favourite dress with invisible ink. You can laugh it off by seeing the surprised look in their eyes. However, it is recommended that one tests the ink prior to the prank.

Mail Box could have in store funny and scary April fools Day ideas

The wooden box is not just made to deliver your letters. It can serve as a source of initiating a perfect prank on April fools day. Wait till the letter has been delivered in the box. Then add a surprise element to it, which could make them freak out. Because of the scary object, the victim is sure to take a jump back. Attach a funny note at the back saying,” April fools Day.”

Use another door

This is one of the funniest pranks to pull on your coworkers on April fools day. Place a sign” Use another door” on all the doors to get into the building. This shall baffle him as he circles the premises in the hope to get in.

Cooking Twist-A Foodie’s nightmare on April fools Day

Imagine tasting a good looking dish, which turns out completely opposite to what you expected. Try cooking your family’s favourite meal on April Fool’s day. Give the dish your savage transformation. You should use similar-looking ingredients that do not change the appearance. For instance, Fake eggs, chocolate-covered Brussel sprouts, and Toothpaste between the Oreos. Care should be taken to make the ingredients look close to realistic.

April fools Day:A day of Fun, Frolic and Laughter

April fools Day is a break free moment for pranksters. They eagerly await the festivities associated with it. Friends and Family pass jokes and hoaxes to their loved ones. New tricks are invented and tried at the expense of others just to have a great time. It’s time again to gear up for ready for the festivities of April Fools Day 2022. There is hardly any country that doesn’t celebrate the pranks filled day. Having said so, the day is the lifeline of institutions and Businesses.

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