Fun Facts about April fools Day

April fools day Story
April fools day Story

April fools Day’s story consists of Pranks and Fun facts attached to the not complete without the mention of its origin and some funny anecdotes. Almost every person in the world celebrates Happy April Fools Day. Everyone joins in the pranks and the festivities. Teens to Elderly, Home-makers to Office-goers participates in the pranks filled activities. Young and Old everyone has their own April fools Day story. The occasion brings many positive vibes. Pranks bring laughter to them lifting their spirits. Pranks are played on many themes such as Food, Clothing, Gadgets or even Food.

Hoaxes-Part of the April fools Day Story

On the whole, Hoaxes and practical jokes are a part of the April fools Day story. Besides, most people receive the pranks quite well. Without a doubt, we all enjoy the fun and frolic of the occasion. In fact, Historians have traced the occasion to the late 16th century. April fools Day story started during the time France switched to the New Style Calendar. The Gregorian calendar is in general use. Pope Gregory XIII updated the calendar from the original Julian calendar. The 5 fun facts are the highlights of April Day Story.

Fools Mail

The first is that the electronic form of communication is the prevalent norm of communication. People considered the concept of Gmail as some hoax during its launch on April 1, 2004.

April Fools Day Story and ‘Hunting the Gowls’

The second one of April fools day is known as ‘Hunting the Gowls’ in Scotland. The festival is a two-day affair and pranks are played. People called the Victims ‘Gowks’ meaning a cuckoo or a fool. On the second day, people kick each other behind. This is referred to as the ‘Kick me’ sign

Permission to the Korean Royal family

The third one is about Korean Royal Family having a reason to enjoy April Fools Day. Their April fools day story is worth mentioning. In fact, the Korean Royal Family is only allowed to play pranks on this day.

Tragic Fools Day

April fools Day is associated with some sad events too. In 1945, on April 1. People had ignored the warning as a joke and it created havoc later. l the weather forecast forecasted a Tsunami in the Pacific Ocean. People laughed it off as a joke, creating havoc on the people.

Fools day taken too serious

The people of Poland believe strongly in April Fools’ Day. They refer to it as a Prima Aprillis. The day is celebrated on April 1st. Polish people are superstitious about the date. It has led to the change of dates of an important government alliance. The belief is so firm with people that they changed an important government alliance. Subsequently, the government preponed Anti-Turkish Alliance with Leopid I from April 1st, 1693 to the 31st of March.

Origin of April Fools Day

Historians have mixed views about the origin of April Fools Day. In fact, there are many theories that are linked to the celebration of April Fools Day.For instance, the most prevalent theories about the origin are as follows:

Hilaria Festival in Rome

The first is that the Romans celebrated the Hilaria festival to commemorate the Equinox in ancient times. They originally celebrated it on March 25th and referred to it as “the eighth of the Calends of April.”However, there is no evidence to establish the relationship between the two.

Emperor Constantine

The second is another popular story is attached to April Fools Day. The theory dates back to the Roman Empire too. According to a theory, a group of clowns asked the emperor to make them the king for a day. Constantine yielded, and “Kugel,” the clown became the king. April 1st became the day of fun and frolic. People named it ‘April Fools’ Day.

Holi-Indian Festival of colours

Finally and most importantly, is a striking similarity with the festival of colours Holi. We mentioned the Roman festival, Hilaria. Similarly, April Fools Day is also associated with Holi. There is a striking similarity between Holi and Hilaria. The Hindu calendar has Holi, the festival of colours. Similarly, the Jewish Calendar has Purim coinciding with the Indian festival. People rejoice when the season changes from winter to spring.