Baisakhi 2022: Date, Significance and Celebrations

Baisakhi 2022 importance
Baisakhi 2022 importance
Baisakhi 2022 Significance
Baisakhi 2022 Significance

Baisakhi 2022 significance can be seen in the fact that it is Punjab’s most loved festival. Vaisakhi is one of the important festivals in Punjab. This harvest festival is of utmost importance in the Sikh religion. The people of Punjab celebrate the first day of the ‘Vaisakh’ month as Baisakhi. It is celebrated on April 13th of every year in Northern India. This year Baisakhi falls on April 14th. Punjabis celebrate the festival with great pomp and show. Devotees take bath in the morning and visit the holy Gurdwaras. They make offerings at the holy site. In addition, they sing Shabads (Hymn), perform Langars (mass meals )and offer Shabeels(Sweet Flavoured water).

Baisakhi: History and Importance in Sikhism.

Although Baisakhi 2022 will be celebrated on April 14, it is usually observed on the 13th.Vaisakhi is also celebrated in other states. Bohag, Bihu, Vishu, and Puthandu are some of the other names. Baisakhi marks the beginning of the new year according to the Hindu Solar Calendar.

Importance of Baisakhi in Sikh History

Diwali and Dusshera are important festivals in the Hindu religion. Likewise, Baisakhi is one of the major festivals of Punjabi culture. Guru Gobind established the Khalsa and urged people to sacrifice themselves for God. The Guru himself blessed the Panj Pyaras (Five Loved Ones).It is also the day of harvest of Rabi crops

Baisakhi 2022:Celebrations and Festivities

On the occasion of Baisakhi, the Golden temple is lit. People arrive at the holy site from far to pay their respect to the Lord. Shabads add to the serenity of the holy place. However, this year the number of devotees is less owing to the Covid scare. Also, people celebrate with family and friends. They join in to dance to folk dances of Bhangra and Gidda.

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