Friday, June 9, 2023

Even Nature Flaunted Indian Tricolour: Government Shared Picture of picturesque scene matching the Indian Flag


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Government shared some pictures that are swelling hearts of people with pride. These pictures show even nature honouring Indian National Flag. There should be no qualms when it comes to the two symbols of Nationalism, first Our National Flag and Our National Anthem. Recently the Government encouraged everyone to unfurl national flag on Independence Day. On the eve of #IndianIndependenceDay, government initiated a campaign #HargharTiranga that means every house should host the National Tricolour. Our tricolour is a symbol of Prosperity, Sacrifice, Peace and Unity. Looking at the sky, it seems like the nature is celebrating India’s Independence Day, as Nature Flaunted Indian Tricolour. Ministry of Culture, Government of India shared a beautiful picture of nature dressed up in Tricolour as if honouring the government’s campaign.

Nature Flaunts Indian Tricolour

Government posts depicts a Seaview in which Nature Flaunted Indian Tricolour

The view is nothing less than jaw dropping. Seems uncanny at times, it seems as if nature too is participating in the celebrations. The picture shows the view by the sea shore immersed in the colours of the national flag, saffron, white and green. Although Amrit Mahotsav shared the picture in the month of June, but is getting viral considering the Independence Day. The caption read, “Our pride, the tricolor in nature,” reads the caption of the post while text on the image reads, “Nature Flaunting The Tricolour.”

The post received love and likes and netizens have left beautiful messages in their comments. Messages of Pride and Beautiful India have come on the post. For the unversed Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is a government of India initiative. It celebrates the 75 years of India’s Independence, and its rich heritage. Azadi Ka Mahotsav started on March 12, 2021, and the countdown began to India’s 75th Independence day.

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