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Do Your Kids Find Yoga Boring? Make It Playful And Engaging For Them


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5 Yoga Games For Kids to make it more interesting, engaging and playful.

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Isn’t it an irony that the whole world follows Yoga, and the country where it originated people have resorted to Gyms. Although India is regarded as the birthplace of all the traditional practises such as Yoga, Ayurveda, and Siddha, it has seen a recent fall out. Pew Research Center in 2021 conducted studies on the percentage of people adopted Yoga as a way of life. It was found that only 7% of the Indians do it religiously. Also, the studies revealed that majority of the individuals either found it boring or just rate it inferior to Gym. You don’t seem to believe! Here is one of the excerpt that someone tweeted which I found of relevance.

Westerners following our culture more than us

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Why we don’t follow our own culture while foreigners are?

Here are 5 Yoga Games for Kids to make it fun for them

Yoga is an exercise that evokes mental peace and self consciousness in a human being. Although the benefits of Yoga are many, its popularity has still to seep in teens and kids. For them it is boring and a burden if thrusted on them.

Teaching Yoga to Kids
Teaching Yoga to Kids

Living in times where children are continuously exposed to anxiety, childhood depression, and difficulty in retention are increasing, introducing yoga is much-needed. Yoga games for kids, can get them engaged to the practice. Kids and Teens are undergoing a lot of stress and hear from the football coach mouth what expectations the kids grow up with.

Unnecessary stress caused due to expectations

5 Yoga Games for Kids and Teens

It is the desire of every parent to see their kid stress free and healthy. Continuous forcing them to practice everyday can actually be a turnoff and could have them actually hating it forever. However if one makes it fun, then it can turn the tide in your favour as well. Here are 5 Yoga Games for Kids to have them get started. One needs to remember just one basic point, correlate the Yoga activity with something that your child likes.

  1. Build Imaginary Characters: One of the simple games you can try is to correlate with the activity of birds and animals. For instance tell your little one to be still just like an eagle. And you are teaching your kids ‘Garudasana’. Also, it is a good idea to introduce both Sanskrit and English words explaining them the meanings.
  2. Yoga Dumb Charades: Make your children guess the name of the Yoga Asana. Just like in the game of Dumb Charades, we make the other party guess through gestures, make kids do the same with Yoga. Divide the team into two groups and let one member come and enact the asana and make other party guess it. Not only it shall be fun, but also teaches them the intricacies.
  3. Transform into a Kid and have Fun: Enjoy being a kid for a while and add an element of fun in activity. Challenge them to a stand still pose Tadasana, Hastasana, and Vrkasana. If there are more children, entice the winner with a treat.
  4. Run and Freeze into a Yoga Posture: One of the Yoga games for Kids is Run and Freeze into Yoga poses. Make children run around and make them freeze in a posture of an asana.
  5. Reciting the Mantaras: Not only does it make children learn, but also brings them close to the culture. The best practice is to recite the mantras yourself first.

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A word of advice before embarking on Yoga Games for Kids and Teens

One of the important words of advice before you engage your kids into Games is to establish a sense of trust.

Yoga for Kids
Yoga for Kids

Only then can one expect a positive effect. While you are doing that, just ensure to provide enough space to kids for a free expression.

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