Good Friday 2022:Significance of Good Friday and Easter Celebration

Good Friday 2022
Good Friday 2022

Importance of Good Friday 2022:Why is it special?

People all over the world will celebrate Good Friday 2022 on April 15. Also two days after the Easter will be commemorated. Christ was crucified on Good Friday and resurrected from the grave on the Easter. An importance festival of the Christians, it is celebrated by one and all. There is no fixed date of Good Friday and it changes every year. However, the holy festival is always the Friday after the spring equinox. News Daily India also listed the reasons why Good Friday is celebrated and the important things Associated with the tradition.

Why do we celebrate Good Friday?

10 Important Facts of Good Friday

  1. Christians believe that Jesus sacrificed his own life for their sins.
  2. Good Friday is also called as Holy Friday, Black Friday or Easter.
  3. Good Friday is always celebrated after the first full moon after equinox.
  4. Hot Buns baked on Good Friday are to be eaten on Easter. They are believed to bring good luck.
  5. In Caribbean, people make patterns called Alfrombras from colored sawdust.
  6. Many feel that the word Good came from Holy.
  7. Catholics don’t eat meat on Good Friday.
  8. Special Prayers are Held and Gospels are read.
  9. Most countries observe it as a public Holiday.
  10. Good Friday has no specific origin.

Importance of Easter and Easter Eggs

What is the relationship of Easter and Easter Eggs?

Easter and Easter eggs go hand in hand. There is no way the event could be celebrated without it. Eggs are bought in the spring month. This tradition ran over centuries and evolved over time.

What do Easter eggs symbolize?

Easter eggs are an integral part of the European traditions. The eggs are considered a symbol of fertility and rebirth. The Easter eggs symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus from where he resurrected.

Also the red-painted eggs symbolize the blood of Jesus on the cross. Although the painting of eggs initiated in the orthodox times, it has continued even in modern secular nations. For instance, the coloring of eggs is a popular tradition in Germany.

Coloring and Hanging of eggs on a tree is a tradition in Germany

Chocolate Eggs and Origin

In addition , the tradition of chocolate eggs started in Germany and France in the 19th century and spread to Europe and world over.

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