Earth day 2022: Google Climate Change Doodle

Earth Day 2022 Google Doodle
Earth Day 2022 Google Doodle

Google Highlights a scary time lapse

Google Earth Day 2022 Doodle

People celebrate April 22nd as the Earth Day 2022. It is the only planet which sustains life. Although many individuals know this fact, very few act on it. Earth Day 2022 Google Doodle depict grave images of our environment has changed over a period. Consequently all the living creatures from microorganisms to humans are its integral part.. Roti, Kapda aur Makaan (Food, Clothing and Shelter) are the three basic requirements of any individual. Subsequently Earth provides us with all the basic requirements in abundant amount.

Mother Earth is abundant in resources

Additionally , it is an abode of abundant resources such as minerals, water, soil, water and mountains. All these interact with each other and are called as Ecosystem. Over years, human activities such as Industrialization, Deforestation and Pollution has caused an Ecosystem imbalance. Also , it is the need of the hour to pledge to safeguard our surroundings. Tanvi Kapoor, the Director of Green Business Initiatives pointed that humans have done tremendous damage to the ecosystem.

Also the Department of Culture UP stressed the need to create awareness about environment. Also the day focused on general awareness about factors impacting ecosystem. This special day stresses on issues like overpopulation, ecosystem and environment degradation.

Earth Day 2022 Google Doodle reveals Transformation gone Reverse

Once upon a time, our mother Earth abounded in natural glory. Imagine a artist’s painting on Earth’s as canvas. Simply imagination could drive any person spellbound. Not only did the flowers bloom in its glory, but the ever conspicuous forests, mountains and rivers added on to its charm further.

Earth Day 2022 Google Doodle
Earth Day 2022 Save our Climate

However the story did not end in Happily ever after as the era of Industrialization boomed. The natural resources were replaced with factors to enhance productivity. All these human activities led to the catastrophic effect on the environment. Rivers would flow through the mountains , however increased Industrialization and activities of Humans polluted our rivers and destroyed the beautiful mother Earth.

6 Causes of Water Pollution

Here are the top 6 causes of water pollution:

  • Development of Cities
  • Oil Spills
  • Chemical Waste Dumping
  • Fertilizer Run-Off
  • Chemical waste Dumping
  • Radioactive discharge

Google Earth Day Doodle is just apt considering the current scenario

One opens the search engine and the doodle shows a set of concerning images. It represents a time-lapse clearly indicating the impact of climate change. Also, the images are startling and show a negative impact of climate change at four places. There is so much too do and we still have not learnt our lessons.

10 Ways to change the Climate of Earth

Climate of Earth is a grave issue and cannot be addressed by human efforts alone. An individual effort shall not address this concern. The larger than life issue can only be addresses through individual, and political intervention. Here are 10 ways to protect Earth.

  1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  2. Involve Political Parties to raise the issues
  3. Be conscious
  4. Prefer a sustainable mode of transport
  5. Prefer a plant based diet
  6. Reduce your Recyclable waste
  7. Plant more trees
  8. Conserve Water
  9. Drying Rack
  10. Recycling Electronics

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