Friday, June 9, 2023

IndiGo Captain’s Hilarious Instructions in a Punjabi English mix cheer passengers


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An Indigo Flight on flight from Bangalore to Chandigarh bought an interesting twist to its in-flight announcement by cutting the usual monotony. The captain gave an interesting twist. Read out the entire story.

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Captain making announcements during the flight is common and nothing unusual. However a captain thinking out of the box gave the tips in Punjabi-English Mix. Since then the video is doing rounds on the social media and getting love from thousands of people. The video showing Indigo captain’s hilarious Instructions in Punjabi and English from Bangalore to Chandigarh. Captain’s lively and humorous delivery of manual led to passengers applause at the conclusion. Cracking jokes at time in between the valuable instructions he mixed English with Punjabi much to the amusement of Passengers.

Instruction tips by Indigo Captain

IndiGo Captain’s Hilarious Instructions in English-Punjabi Mix amuse Passengers

Instructions are boring and most often they are ignored. Especially for frequent flyers it is the same repetition. However a captain of Indigo just knew how to gather attention and it worked. On the social media, many shared the video with caption, “Some tips by the Captain in a Punjabi English mix to passengers on flight Bangalore to Chandigarh.” Video had 37,600 views and 1,251 likes till now. Starting in English and throwing here and there Punjabi, he urged passengers to follow instructions especially COVID protocols and wear their masks. Also he advised people in punjabi not to get their luggage out and remain seated until told so.

IndiGo Captain’s Hilarious Instructions also had appreciation for Army Veterans

Jokingly he added that people in the aisle shall only be able to turn left and right and look at each other. Calling Veterans and soldiers, he gave a salute. His appreciation of soldiers serving the country was highly appreciated and received love from netizens. The innovative English-Punjabi announcement video has brought a smile to many faces. Don’t you think such so much can be learnt from this? Please share your thoughts.

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