5 Biggest Employers Turn-Offs During an Interview

Turnoffs of the employer

Be aware of these biggest employers turn-offs or else it can cost you your dream Job

The interview is the first hurdle the employee needs to cross to reach his dream job. For most job-seekers, the interview is a jarring and intimidating experience. Nothing less than an unrehearsed audition, it could be a scary experience, if you haven’t gone job searching for a while. Let’s face it, we all have faced interviews and experienced the sudden Adrenaline gush, pounding heartbeat, and sweaty hands. Although we try our best not to make it obvious, the experienced employer can pierce through our thoughts. If you experience all the above symptoms, you are not alone. Even the best candidates have had jitters before the interview. This article covers the 5 biggest employers’ Turn-Offs during an Interview that a candidate should avoid.

Practice and Don’t Panic. Afterall it is just an interview

Ensure to practice, and involve family or friends in mock interviews. Practice answering questions and avoid mugging them. Employers look for originality and can sense anything fake. Keep yourself relaxed, enjoy the ride and if you don’t get selected, remember an important point,” IT IS JUST AN INTERVIEW.” Always remember the important thing in an Interview. The entire objective of the interview is in what way employment can contribute to its growth. In the article, we bring you 5 of the top Employer’s Turn-Offs that a prospective job seeker should avoid during an interview.

5 Biggest Employers Turn-Offs during an Interview

1.Appearance and Personal Habits

There is a general saying that goes,” First Impression is the Last Impression”. And the saying makes every bit of sense for a serious job-seeker getting ready for the interview. Here are some of the pre-requisites that are not revealed but expected from the candidate. Some of the common rules for both Male and Female Candidates are Freshly Laundered clothes, Well creased Pants or Pantsuits, and Polished shoes. However, there are slightly different rules for Males and Females:


  1. Clean Shaved or Beard neatly Trimmed
  2. Clean Fingernails
  3. Use a mild Deodorant(Avoid strong Colognes as many Employers are allergic)
  4. Wear formal shoes only
  5. Teeth should be Well-Flossed, and avoid using Garlic, Onion, Tobacco and Strong drinks.


Similar rules apply to Females too. Here are some key elements to follow in a job interview

  1. Do not have a lot of makeup on your face
  2. Avoid having your hair done in a newly cut or styled way
  3. Neat and Manicured Finger Nails
  4. Avoid wearing Attention seeking clothes

2.Nervous Mannerisms

Any employer would prefer to hire an individual who is not only has bookish knowledge, but has confidence to execute a task assigned to him. All the leading companies look these days for individuals who are go-getters. Any candidate who needs to ensure his chances of a potential hire should fulfill these criteria.

  1. Good Eye Contact
  2. Firm Handshake
  3. Upright Posture
Firm Handshake
Firm Handshake

3.Lack of Self Confidence

Every organization seeks active and confident employees have an overall understanding of the subject and know how to execute the task at hand. In a fiercely competitive environment, leading companies are seeking individuals capable of multi-tasking. And the trait can come only if the individual is confident about his trade. Be clear about your answers and avoid giving one-word answers. Employers appreciate realistic solutions for their problems and incorporate examples how you can resolve them. Don’t interrupt the interviewer during questioning or downgrade your achievements as both can rebound back on your chances of selection for the interview.

Lack of Self-Confidence
Lack of Self-Confidence

4.Consideration towards the Organization’s staff

Organizations these days look for your overall persona. And your behaviour towards your staff contributes immensely. Here are some major turn-offs for the employer when it comes to consideration of the people around you.

  • Lack of courtesy to your subordinates such as Secretary or Receptionist
  • Badmouthing your Past Employer or Place of Work
  • Ordering a drink if the employer takes you on a lunch. It is best to avoid it. And always ensure to say thank you.

5.Inherent Values

Intrinsic Values with which we are raised continue to stay with us. As many of you would disagree, many employers still value them immensely. Kindness, Cleanliness, Being organized, and commitments are what the employees look for in a candidate. Signs of Laziness, Complaining, Lack of Enthusiasm, Dishonesty, and Inability to follow instructions. Besides most employers like to see if you smoke or not. In the race between a smoker and a non-smoker, it is the latter who wins.

Thus to escalate your chances of getting hired, avoid these 5 Biggest Employers Turn-Offs during your Job interview. Having written the above, the above template should not be taken as one that works for all. We urge you to study the organization, what it does, and its core competencies before the interview. This would not only create a great impression with the employer but also displays your eagerness to be a part of the company. For a serious job seeker we have just two pieces of advice, Stay Original and modify the above based on the call of action.

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