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Make LinkedIn Profile Effective: Make your profile stand out


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9 Ways to make LinkedIn Profile catch the sight of the Employers

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It is not a hidden fact that LinkedIn is the most used platform that connects businesses, employers, and employees for Jobs. According to LinkedIn, there are more than 27 million individuals seeking jobs on the site. All the latest news and developments of the organizations, and influential people all over the world are there on the site. With an army of employers and employees, it is no surprise that the site is the most sought-after one. It would not be an exaggeration to say that employers from around the world search for prospective employers. Considering that the employees use LinkedIn extensively for recruiting, the prospective candidates should make an effort to make their profile stand out from the rest. Here are 9 key elements that can make LinkedIn Profile Effective.

Make LinkedIn Profile
Make LinkedIn Profile

Some ways to make LinkedIn Profile Effective

LinkedIn provides you with a resume builder template. Through the template, the job-seeker can write anything about himself such as his Educational Profile, Work Experience, Awards and Accolades, and Interests just to name a few. In other words, a LinkedIn resume is a synopsis of a job seeker’s skills needed for the job. All the candidates are expected to fill it with care to make their LinkedIn Profile Effective. Here are 9 sections of the resume that if taken care of can make LinkedIn Profile Effective.

General Section: LinkedIn gives you a profile page through which the prospective employee can write anything about himself in a standardized format that looks uniform.

9 Ways to make LinkedIn Profile effective

Before putting anything on LinkedIn, ensure that to put anything that is not related to your professional goal. In order for the employer to hit at your pages, here are 9 strategies you can adopt.


A photograph on the resume is a must. All the studies have pointed out that a resume lacking a photograph always is a turnoff for the employer. While taking the photograph, ensure to incorporate these 5 elements, including Head and Shoulders only, Photo should be sharply focused, It should be well lit, Dress in your best and put in your best smile.

Job Title:

In the section Job Title, incorporate the words that best describe the jobs you are searching for. Whether you are looking for a career change or like what you do, incorporate the same in your job title. In the event of a career change, after you list your current job, enter a slash and add the industry you are seeking a job at.

Jobs or Experience

While mentioning your Jobs and Experience, do not list your tasks or achievements. Linkedin provides you enough space to mention your story. Summarize some of your major achievements is one way to make Linkedin profile effective. List important results such as Time or Money Saved, Profit Generated.


In the summary section ensure to state whatever you think gives you a competitive advantage in your field, i.e. what makes the potential employer give you preference over the twenty other individuals lined up for the job.


Under the specialties section, it is wise to include every keyword that you can think of that would lead a search engine to find you for the job you want. If you are unsure of what keyword, look for someone on LinkedIn who has a similar job to you.

Hobbies and Interests

Listing Hobbies and interests make the employer see a different side of you. For instance, any individual who pursues playing cricket brings to the table many qualities like Ethics, Discipline, Teamwork, and Enthusiasm.

Links to related Websites

Links to any related websites or blogs related to the job profile can also make you stand out from the crowd. If you have a social handle such as Twitter that showcases your expertise, ensure to highlight it. However, if your social handle is scattered, it is best not to mention it.

LinkedIn Groups

Why not join a LinkedIn group or two related to your expertise. The best strategy is to post regularly but carefully. Don’t rush to post many in a single day or post just once after a week. Also it is advisable to participate in something you are an expert on. Groups are in the bar across the top of Home Page. Once you have filled the profile completely, click on groups and then on subheading ‘groups you may like’. However there is a warning. If you join a group and not contribute, LinkedIn can remove you without warning. Just a brief note after the fact saying,” We removed you ‘ due to your inactivity there. And you would have thought they did not pay attention. They did, they had and shall always will.

Any Projects Undertaken

LinkedIn can be effectively used to describe a project undertaken you can boast of. You can share on Twitter through LinkedIn. Write your update here, check the box with the Twitter icon and click share. LinkedIn is always looking for suitable candidates the first step for any search is a resume. The steps can not only make LinkedIn profile effective but enhance your chances of hiring.

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