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Corporate Expression Of Freedom Is a Fundamental Right, but is seldom encouraged


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One of the Fundamental rights that is every individual’s right is the Freedom of expression. On the occasion of our Independence day, lets see how much liberty corporates provide.

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New ideas always result if the employees are able to express their thoughts. However, knowingly or unknowingly this basic facet is ignored. Same mundane tasks are repeated again and again with nothing innovative or exciting. Consequently, it results in company losses and employee turnover. Many company over years have made efforts to imbibe expression as a part of their corporate culture. Significant strides in this matter are taken. The current article elaborates various ways how the Corporate Expression of Freedom should be implemented at all the levels responsibly.

Ways to implement Corporate Expression of Freedom

1.Diversity and Inclusion:

Organizations can foster Corporate Expression of Freedom through selecting individuals with differing point of view. However extreme care should be taking in selecting the group. There should be brainstorming of the ideas from both sides. A will to listen to the ideas without taking on one’s ego requires patience and art. A corporate should encourage individuals to disagree. However the entire communication should be respectful.

2. Shun Preconceived Notions

In case the management is seeking to implement an ambience of free expression of mind, it is important to leave behind pre-conceived ideas and notions. Although some notions are so rooted that is very difficult to get rid of them. Imagine hiring individuals with similar mind sets. That is a sure recipe towards catastrophe. In other words, by encouraging a particular stereotype, one is closing doors to learning new and worthwhile.

3.Challenge the Status Quo or Traditional Thinking

In a fast paced technology-driven world, one needs to think innovative and out of box. Companies should recruit individuals who think beyond the norms. Someone who has ideas to revolutionize the world, how insane it might look. When you hire and individual with a spark, envision a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates in him.

Involve everyone in the Hierarchy

One can see from the road map of all the successful organization, there is one thing in common. All of them encourage free flowing ideas from the junior to the senior management. Organizations should encourage the culture of ‘ Agreeing to Disagree’. Encourage hiring people who can express views and arguments with authority. Active and a healthy participation can always result in solving problems immediately.


Often undermined, Transparency is in fact the most vital attribute in implementing Corporate Freedom of Expression. Whether big or small, all stakeholders should maintain transparency at all levels. As the size of the organization increases, fast feedback between various levels is required. Thus the information flow to the top management and back should be uninhibited. Keeping the front-line individuals in good faith is needed as it provides the management with client information.

Corporate Expression of Freedom does not mean lack of Discipline

All the leading organizations and Institutions in the world encourage innovations. Consequently, it propels the flow of new ideas across different levels. This not only leads to the company’s profit and individual’s growth, but country’s prosperity too. We as responsible citizens should ensure to encourage the responsible expression of thoughts. Creating such an ambience only goes to impart the faith of an employee towards the organization.

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