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Top 7 Reasons Why Students Fail To Crack NEET And Opt For Ukraine To Study Medicine


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There is a lot of debate in media on why a lot of Indian students choose Ukraine as a preferred destination to study medicine. There is intense competition for a few thousand seats in the medical colleges in India that forces a lot of students to opt for a seat abroad. Every year approximately 8 lac students appear for NEET exams but only a few thousands manage to secure a seat in various medical colleges in India. Many of the aspirants are forced to look for other options.

It is estimated that every year around 25,000 students travel to countries like China, Russia and Ukraine for quality medical education. Many of them are those who fail to crack NEET. Here are the reasons why they didn’t make it to the list of successful candidates. Take a look –

1. They didn’t study the syllabus thoroughly

The NEET syllabus is vast. Most of the students get overwhelmed by the course. They fail to go through the chapters thoroughly and end up doing a mediocre job with the preparations. Most of the times they also do not adhere to the preparation guidelines and keep shooting in the dark that ultimately results in a failure.

2. They didn’t connect and learn with successful candidates

It is essential to connect with the students who have cracked the exam and learn from their experiences. Most of the unsuccessful students are those who do not believe in learning from others’ mistakes. Therefore they repeat the same mistake and meet the same outcome.

3. They lacked discipline

NEET preparation requires a disciplines approach. It demands for a strict timetable lead study regime where there is no scope for a casual way of doing things or doing them at your own pace. A disciplined way and a focused approach is non negotiable when it comes of NEET preparations which unsuccessful candidates lack thoroughly.

4.They didn’t prepare notes

It is essential to prepare notes that are handy and easy to understand. Most of the students do not get into the habit of preparing notes and revising them at regular intervals. They also forget to revise important formulas that makes them commit mistakes while writing the exam.

6. They stayed away from mock tests

This is one of the basic reasons behind the failure in NEET exams. The unsuccessful students are mostly those who do not participate in mock tests hence loose a golden chance to analyse their weak areas and improve them.

7. They lack motivation

To conquer any hurdle, try to be motivated every time. Think positive while preparing for the NEET exams. Do not stress out. Every student has their own learning habit. Those who fail to crack NEET are mostly the ones who lack motivation and the killer instinct to achieve their goals crossing all hurdles.

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