Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Indian education is the best, Statistics prove otherwise


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Indian Education system needs transformation

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Ever since the Pandemic hit the world, there has been a serious crisis. With institutions shut down for over two years a gap is created. Although schools have tried their best to fill these voids through remote learning, but the damage is done. Indian Education needs transformation. With most of the students sitting at home studying through devices, they have rather used it for purposes other than studies. It could be online games, browsing. Recently the Ministry of Education warned the parents of the growing popularity of online gaming. Although internet is a great tool of accessible online learning, it also exposes children to the world of online gaming. More and more kids are drifting away from studying and spending more time on online gaming. Online gaming is expected to be about Rs 15,500 crores by 2023.

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India’s growth is linked with its education

Growth of any nation is linked to education. Political leaders have time and again stressed the need of education for all. Various policies and provisions are introduced, however the results are exactly opposite. During the lockdown most educational institutions took to remote learning. After the schools opened, the political parties hailed its success rate and ease of adoption. However according to a UNICEF, the closure of schools impacted 247 million children in India.

State of Indian education
State of Indian education

Indian Education needs transformation, leader in digital presence but lagging in Literacy

State of the education system is a lot worse than what it is projected. Using big words is not going to solve the issues. There are big gaps some of them still very basic that need to be addressed soon. Issues such as gender disparity still remain as major even after 75 years of education. Here are the main issues:

Education trends in Indian vs the west

The above chart clearly demonstrates that in India, the education is male centric while in Africa, Europe and Caribbean it is female dominated.

India needs to reinvent its Education strategy

According to Chief Economic Advisor V Anantha Nageswaran India has coped with the challenges reasonabvly well. However owing to school shutdown and digital learning, it created long gaps in skill ing and education. It is likely to effect further education. Nageswaran recently spoke at the 10th edition of the ThinkEdu Conclave, organised by The New Indian Express on March 9.In case India has to enhance its literacy levels, the government should create more jobs and better health facilities.

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