Sunday, December 3, 2023

10 Things Managers Should Never Ask Employees To Do


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Want to develop your employee management and leadership skills? There are certain things that a manager should never do? Use these 10 management tips to avoid unexpected messes that can make the office environment unhealthy or interrupt work.

Let’s take a look –

1. Cancel a Vacation

Sometimes the world comes to an end, and you truly do need all hands on deck. However, most crises are caused by a lack of planning. Don’t ask an employee to cancel a pre-planned vacation, especially if there are other friends and family members counting on that person, and they have purchased tickets.

2. Work Off the Clock

It is true that managers are required to reach certain payroll targets, They are tempted to tell employees to clock out and then finish mopping up for the night.

Don’t do this. Even if you have to do that please ensure that all of your non-exempt employees must be paid for every extra hour they worked.

3. Falsify Records

It should be avoided at all costs. It may begin with something very small—like the date received on a document, or sending a vendor an email saying that the check is in the mail when it’s not. You and your employees should strive for 100% honesty.

4. Take the Fall for You

Be honest to yourself. Your mistake, your consequence. And, that goes for a lot of things you didn’t specifically authorize or request either. Your department is your responsibility. It is never okay to throw employees under the bus instead you should try and protect them even if the mistake is theirs.

5. Work Crazy Hours

Some businesses have crazy hours, especially cyclical ones but it’s not okay to push your employees to the brink by making them work more hours than they had signed on to work.

7. Put Up With an Abusive Customer

Stand up and face it with your head held high. Take over an abusive customer yourself, or kick the customer to the curb. Your employees deserve respectful professional treatment. See that they get it.

8. Put Up With a Bully Coworker

Bullying should be discouraged. You have to work hard to make your department a place where people act with respect. It’s your job to get rid of a person whose only job is to create troubles for everyone around.

9. Work While Truly Sick

This should be avoided specially in a post Corona pandemic world. If you force employees to come into work while sick, they will spread the germs, and everyone else will get sick too. Send them home and allow them back only when they are fully recovered.

10. Donate to Charity

Charity is fabulous but it should not be forced.

Requiring them to donate is docking their salary which is highly unfair.

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