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Best Career Tips for Jobseekers: Never send your resume, NETWORK instead


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In an extremely competitive world just sending resume is not enough. Here we bring you the power of communication. Spread the word around of what you have accomplished.

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With the competition ever increasing, getting noticed is the key. Imagine sending your resume to a job posting is similar to participating in a contest. Even if you put in the right keywords, the recruiters just pick randomly a few resumes that have the skills. On a regular day, the companies receive lakhs of resumes, and even the most skillful person doesn’t have the capacity to read them all. Thus, there could be a chance that the resumes could lead straight to the shredder. So, never send your resume.

Stop Cold Submitting your resume
Stop Cold Submitting your resume

So, if you want to keep a pace with the current lot, there is an important advice. Never Submit your resume, Network instead. A Michigan based employment agency has reported that 50% of the jobs are never advertised. Companies save on the cost through. Most of the top jobs are filled through Referrals. And you may ask, ” What is the best way to get one?” Again, there is one answer, Network.

Spend time to Network and Build contacts, never send a Resume

According to a survey that one-fourth of the resumes submitted online make it past the hiring software. Out of the one-fourth, only 4-5 candidates are picked up for the personal interview. Considering the chances of even getting noticed are dismal, networking is the only key to being noticed.

Tips to Network

Here are some of the tips that can assist you in effective Networking. When you are seeking a job, just remember an important thing, Chances of a resume picked up are very less. Also, most of the top jobs are not advertised and are filled internally. So, a great networking always helps. Here are some tips that can help you to network with great results.

  1. Establish cordial relationships in personal and professional circuit.
  2. Utilize your previous contacts.
  3. Keep your communication on. Stay in touch even when not looking.
  4. Ensure to be authentic. Offer value to the other party and avoid being needy.
  5. Offer help in case the other party needs.
  6. Engage with your contacts regularly and provide updates on acquired skills.
  7. Make new contacts on LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn, second- and third-degree connections are more likely to give reference.
  8. Reach out to employers via LinkedIn and don’t wait for the recruiters to reach you.
  9. Network, Network and Network.
  10. Make informational interview a common practice.

Just remember an important thing, Networking is the key and avoid sending your RESUME

If you are seeking a dream job, networking is the thing. Using these networking tools are sure to get you dream job and advance your career trajectory. Also, it opens avenues for a promising career ahead.

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