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Insurance For International Students: Make Sure To Do Necessary Research


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For any student travelling abroad for higher studies is nothing less than a dream. Besides, the basic admission requirements like acceptance and Visa, Insurance plays a vital role. Foreign universities also provide insurances besides the students having the option to purchase it locally. It is extremely necessary that the student makes a prudent choice by weighing the pros and cons of each. First of all, it is important to understand the basic eligibility requirements for obtaining the Insurance. The Insurance for International Students is mandatory for all students going abroad. However, one should do prudent research on the various options offered.

One of the Options includes Scholarship, Travel Insurance and More

Eligibility Requirements and Details of Insurance for International Students

Typically, the Insurance for International students is for individuals between 16 and 35 years of age. Secondly, they should be full-time students studying at a recognized university or College. Medical expenses are high abroad and investing in a good Insurance scheme can come in handy during sudden emergencies that might arise during the course of your stay. It perfectly makes sense to buy Insurance from India, for it is cheap here. Almost all institutions expect the students to have a health insurance. Besides being expensive, the foreign health insurance is only valid within a certain radius.

Benefits of Travel Insurance for International Students

A student Insurance has many advantages. In an alien land, it is the insurance that comes handy during an emergency. It is thus recommended to select the insurance carefully. Here are some Criteria that students should consider before purchasing the policy.

Criteria for Selection of the Policy
  1. Cashless Medical Care at Network Hospital or Reimbursement in non-network hospitals.
  2. Policy selected should include various treatments dental expenses, medical evacuation, body repatriation, and lifelong disability.
  3. Coverage for family members’ visits in case of an emergency, he explained.
  4. Liable for covering Delay and Loss of Bags
  5. Protection for flight delays, medical bills, legal fees and the like as well.
  6. Some Policies also offer the student some
  7. fee reimbursement if a student returns home due to a medical condition but has paid the semester fee.

Conditions of Cancellation of Travel Insurance for International Students

If the event insured individuals have not travelled during the term, the policy allows for cancellation and premium return options. They should spell out the reasons and provide supporting documents like visa refusal or medical proof.

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