Saturday, December 9, 2023

Offices Are Now Open. These 10 Tips Will Help You As You Start Going Back To Office


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It seems that the pandemic induced disruptions in our lives are over and we have left the worst behind us. The third wave of the pandemic has ebbed. There is optimism all around since the third wave didn’t prove to be as damaging as the second wave which had created a havoc. Life is now slowly but steadily returning back to the pre-pandemic era with the opening of offices and educational institutes.

There are people who are happy at the prospect of going back to office but there are large number of people who are not very comfortable with the idea of working from office again. A lot of people are finding it difficult to get aligned with the older ways of functioning – going to office, sitting on a chair for 10 hours and getting along with colleagues in an amicable way.

Here are top 10 tips that will help you sail through this phase smoothly. Take a look –

Rule # 1: Listen more and talk less

Working in an office, try to be as humble and polite as possible. Listen more, talk less and observe a lot. Keep making mental notes of everything happening around you. Let other people speak first and make sure you are using active listening skills.

Rule # 2: Stay away from blame game

Everyone makes mistakes. Do not blame co-workers for your mistakes. Avoid making excuses. Apologize and focus on your work, focus on fixing the problem. Don’t be afraid or feel shy to ask for help from your seniors if you need it.

Rule # 3: Discourage gossiping

Stay away from those who are only gossiping throughput the day. There should be no gossiping at work. There are individuals who generally gossip about others. They are only wasting time and creative a destructive environment. Do not be a part of their coterie instead maintain a safe distance from such people.

Rule # 4: No personal comments

This one is one of the most important rules in a corporate environment. Do not get personal even if you feel that a particular person is trying to sabotage a project or creating unnecessary hurdled for you. Its best to reach out to your manager, have a healthy discussion and figure out a way to deal with such people or circumstances.

Rule # 5: Stay humble

There are individuals who generally consider themselves above everybody else and they start making their own rule at the workplace. This behaviour will affect your performance at work. Don’t act like a superstar. If you want to do the best thing, try to do an extra thing like try to help your co-worker, be available and proactive come up with ideas and solutions.

Rule # 6: No abusive comments

You should always mind your language and stay away from any kind of abusive language at the workplace. Your language reflects a lot about you and you should always be careful of the words that you choose to speak. They go a long distance and could make or dent your reputation at the workplace forever.

Rule # 7: Do not own someone else’s mistake

You should never own up things that you are not responsible for. Helping a friend is always a good idea but owning up mistake committed by them is not only a bad idea but also a very destructive approach as it makes people complacent. It should be avoided as it leads to serious consequences as they will never be able to learn from their mistakes.

Rule # 8: Avoid interruption

When the Manager is talking with someone, try not to interrupt him/her at work. It will not only frustrate the person but also give a negative impression about you. Let people finish what they have to stay, think before you put up a point and then you will be able to earn the respect for yourself.

Rule # 9: No false promises  

Do not make promises that you can’t keep. Not honouring your words may damage your reputation forever and you may not be able to earn the confidence of your peers if you keep promising things that you can’t deliver. It is always a better idea to think deep before committing anything.

Rule # 10: Be punctual

Employers expect their employees to come to work on time. Sometime, there may be genuine reasons but that can not be a norm. Remember, when you arrive late, the productivity and profitability of the business effects. Train yourself in a way that you reach office in time. Lame excuses only make you an object of ridicule and you certainly won’t like that.

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