5 ways to fight laziness when you are forced to work from home during pandemic induced lockdowns

Tips to fight laziness during lockdown
Tips to fight laziness during lockdown

Before the pandemic hit the world, who would have thought that work from home will become an acceptable norm and not the exception in the corporate world. This new system of working has been a great advantage specially for working mothers but it has its pitfalls as well.

Positive approach leads to better productivity

The longer it goes, the more difficult it is to stay focused.

Here are few tips and tricks to fight laziness and keep your productivity at optimum levels.  These aren’t major life overhauls — instead, they’re small tweaks to your mindset and daily routine that can help you start getting stuff done. Take a look –

Tip #1. Make a deal with yourself

You should make a deal with yourself” that even though you don’t like doing a particular task, you do it anyway for 10 minutes. Once you’re already involved, it’s less tempting to quit.

Tip #2. Go easy in the morning

If you are more likely to procrastinate at work and especially during these work from home routine then set yourself right by giving small tasks for next morning which are easily doable. Your confidence will get a boost once the small tasks are done successfully.  

Tip #3. Dress up neatly

Get rid of those pyjamas and casual t-shirt as soon as possible and dress up in neat formals even if you are working from home. This will help you create an official environment around you which will help you focus and complete tasks in a timebound manner.

Tip #4. Challenge yourself

The best advice can one have is when you catch yourself thinking about something you should be doing, but aren’t, just get up and do it get on the finishing line by give a deadline. Challenge yourself. 

Tip #5. Talk less

Do not get involved into unnecessary chit chats with people around you in the house. Stay away from long chats with friends over the phone and allocate yourself a particular timeslot to speak to those who you like. You will end us saving a lot of time which should be utilised more productively.