Friday, December 8, 2023

Court Issues Pathaan’s New Directions For Release


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Following nationwide protests and controversy Delhi High Court has released Pathan’s new directions for release. Delhi High Court has urged the Film makers to make the changes and submit the movie again.

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Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika starrer Pathaan had been at the center of controversy. Many fundamentalists have raised eyebrows on its various sequences. Besides, they have threatened the movie makers of a smooth release of the movie in the theatres. The trigger and uproar for the ban started especially during the release of the song ‘Besharam Rang’. Deepika clad in Saffron coloured Bikini was just the spark the group needed to get started. And sooner the protests started in the country. Political leaders and customers asked for the ban of the movie. Now, the Delhi High Court has issued the movie Pathaan’s new directions to the makers of Pathaan. But this is a welcome move for film lovers.

Besharam Rang Song
Besharam Rang Song

Pathaan’s New directions for release following the controversy

Following nationwide protests and controversy Delhi High Court has released Pathaan’s new directions for release. If the reports are true, Bar And Bench, the Delhi HC has asked makers of Pathaan to add “audio descriptions close captioning and subtitles in the Hindi language” before Pathaan is ready for an OTT release. This will make the movie accessible to film lovers who have hearing and visual impairments. High Court has made it mandatory to implement the changes in the movie. Following the changes, the makers must submit it again to the Censor Board for approval. Apparently, these changes should be made to the movie before it hits the OTT platforms. Considering the craze for the movie, it seems a great news for the fans.

The presiding judge Prathiba M Singh told Yash Raj Films to submit these changes by February 20 and CBFC to take a decision by March 10. Amazon Prime Video has bought the OTT rights of the movie.

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