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Nana Patekar’s Chocolate Scene,”Mujhe Chocolate Nahi Mera Paisa Wapas Karo”


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Rated as one of Nana Patekar’ best scene from the movie, it shows a altercation between the actor and Dimple Kapadia in a Departmental store.

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Both Nana Patekar and Dimple are one of the Bollywood’s seasoned actors. Both created a magic in the 1994 movie Krantiveer and then in Tum Milo Toh Sahi. Movie did not perform well at the box office but performances of Nana Patekar and Dimple were appreciated. When it comes to acting prowess of Nana Patekar and his straight faced expressions no one comes near.  “Nana Patekar is in his elements and Dimple Kapadia as a Parsi are out of the world good. There is one counter scene in the movie where Nana Patekar reaches the payment counter to clear his bill. A set of events happened that triggered Nana Patekar’s Chocolate Scene of the movie.

Dimple Kapadia Extra Marital Saga Continues till date

Nana Patekar Chocolate Scene steals the show at check-out counter

One of the peculiar feature of Patekar’s acting has been its stone faced look even in a comic scene. First he had an altercation with Dimple Kapadia over a broken Jar. After both blamed the other party for the mistake, the store manager settles the issue.

Dimple and Nana
Dimple and Nana

These set of events irritated him so much that he busted the lady at the check out counter. After paying the bill at the check out counter, the lady gives him some change and a chocolate Toffee. One of the most humor filled movie sequences is Nana Patekar’s Chocolate Scene comes when he forces the girl to return his change. Catch the video here.

Nana- Dimple’s Chemistry and Nana Patekar’s Chocolate scene blow life in the movie

When he asks what that was for, the counter lady politely refused that she didn’t have the change and handed him a chocolate Toffee which was the spark needed to set him off. Watch out as he blasts the lady with all his anger startling the employees and Manager alike. Enjoy the scene that is full of banter and sarcasm alike.

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